Free Fire Zenitsu Wheel guide: Get Zenitsu Bundle and emote

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The Zenitsu Bundle and Thunder Breathing First Form: Thunder Flash are the two grand prizes offered by a new Zenitsu Wheel that was recently introduced in Free Fire.

A cooperation between this game and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba saw the introduction of The Luck Royale and the distribution of recognizable trinkets, themed accessories, and other items based on that well-known anime.

You must take away two unwanted objects from the new Zenitsu Wheel before spending Diamonds to spin it in order to reap its rewards. It’s interesting that you can only get a cosmetic once, thus you can get all of them in eight spins.

This makes the event a possible substitute for themed items that can be unlocked.

New Free Fire Zenitsu Wheel Provides a Bundle and Emote

On September 27, 2023, in Free Fire, the Demon Slayer-themed Zenitsu Wheel debuted. Unlike earlier Luck Royales, this one has a longer expiration date of October 25, 2023.

New Free Fire Zenitsu Wheel Provides a Bundle and Emote
Free Fire Zenitsu Wheel Provides a Bundle and Emote

Armor Crate and Supply Crate are two very unwanted loadout items. These should therefore be your first choices for removing items from the Zenitsu Wheel.

You will then get one item after each spin. Each spin costs the following:

  • First spin – Nine Diamonds
  • Second spin – 19 Diamonds
  • Third spin – 39 Diamonds
  • Fourth spin – 69 Diamonds
  • Fifth spin – 99 Diamonds
  • Sixth spin – 149 Diamonds
  • Seventh spin – 499 Diamonds

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How to Get Zenitsu Bundle and Thunder Flash Emote

To get the Zenitsu Bundle and Thunder Flash emote from the new Zenitsu Wheel, follow these procedures.

  1. Log in to your account, then choose Zenitsu Wheel from the Luck Royale category. Selecting that segment from the menu on the left will take you there.
  2. You are required under the event’s rules to choose two undesirable items to delete.
  3. Start spinning after that by using Diamonds. Up until the very last spin, you can keep doing this.

Once you have obtained the emote and the exclusive clothing, you can always use the game’s vault to put them on.

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