5 Best Free Fire Top-up Events in (2023)

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Free Fire often announces Top-up events to keep its audience on their toes. These events, which feature uncommon collectibles offered as incentives for purchasing in-game currency, are not something one should pass up.

Additionally, they sell FF Diamonds for incredibly inexpensive costs. The number of purchases a player must make in order to qualify for certain events’ unique products is specified.

The Top-up content that Garena released this year was rather consistent. Players’ inventories overflowed with rare items and priceless in-game currency after these launches.

The 5 best Top-up events that have been or will be introduced this year will be examined in this article.

Free Fire 5 Best Top-Up Events in 2023

So here are 5 freefire top-up events you can check out below.

1. Free Bundle Top-up Event

There is frequently a minimum purchase requirement for obtaining unique prizes in Free Fire Top-up events. However, with the impending Free Bundle event, that won’t be the case.

You merely need to make a top-up of any amount to access its benefits, and you’ll get a Cobalt Athlete package in return. The entire outfit from this collection is themed after Cobalt Athletes and includes a top, bottom, shoes, and hat.

From September 28, 2023, till December 31, 2023, the event will take place.

2. Twist Top-up Event

Beginning on August 1 and running until August 24, 2023, was the Twist Top-up promotion. It featured a number of top-up criteria, and fulfilling them all resulted in the free Chroma Twist emote and the Rubescent package.

The latter award comes with a top, bottom, mast, and head with Rubescent War decorations. To obtain all of the exclusive goodies in this event, you had to purchase up to 1,200 FF Diamonds.

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3. Ink Hyperbook Top-up Event

Beginning on August 25th, 2023, and lasting through October 1st, is the Ink Hyperbook Top-up event. This feature offers a variety of brand-new products as incentives, which may be obtained by spending money on diamonds. A bag, rifle skin, Gloo Wall skin, katana, and other items are available throughout the event.

The following list includes the FF Diamonds purchase thresholds for this inclusion:

  • 100 FF Diamonds: Ink Hyperbook
  • 300 FF Diamonds: 20 Ink Hyperbook tokens
  • 500 FF Diamonds: 20 Ink Hyperbook tokens
  • 700 FF Diamonds: 20 Ink Hyperbook tokens
  • 900 FF Diamonds: 20 Ink Hyperbook tokens
  • 1,200 FF Diamonds: 20 Ink Hyperbook tokens
  • 1,500 FF Diamonds: 20 Ink Hyperbook tokens
  • 2,000 FF Diamonds: 20 Ink Hyperbook tokens

4. 100% Bonus Event

Possibly the most successful event that the Free Fire creators ran this year was the 100% Bonus Top-up Event.

Many players were compelled to deposit free Diamonds into their accounts by the incredible deal it was offering.

The event offered a payout of up to 1,000 FF Diamonds, which is a substantial amount. It started on July 25, 2023, and ended on July 31, 2023.

These conditions have to be met in order to qualify for its rewards:

  • Buy 100 diamonds to get 100 free Diamonds
  • Buy 300 diamonds to get 200 free Diamonds
  • Buy 500 diamonds to get 200 free Diamonds
  • Buy 1,000 diamonds to get 500 free Diamonds

5. Oh Yeah Top-Up Event

Another opportunity for players to purchase rare things by using FF Diamonds was Free Fire’s Oh Yeah Top-up event.

It began on June 13 and ran through June 19 of 2023. This event included the incredible Neon Electricity Shoes and the Oh Yeah! emote, which was named after the event.

The former could be obtained by spending 100 Diamonds, and the latter by spending 300 of that money.


This post tells you about 5 best free fire Top-Up Events. These free fire top-up events can get up-free diamonds.

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