Free Fire Advance Server Apk Download will start soon

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In a few weeks, Free Fire will release a new version called the OB42 Update, and players have already begun expressing excitement about it. In a few weeks, the Advance Server, a specialized testing server designed for selected users to evaluate upcoming content, will begin operations.

Like on previous instances, Garena adds a distinct client, Advance Server, to test the content and get user input before formally releasing the Update. Find out how to get the Free Fire Advance Server Apk and register.

Free Fire OB42 Advance Server Apk Download

Every two months, the developers release a new update that updates the game’s content for improved gameplay. Two weeks before the official release of the update, a limited number of players are given permission to use the advance server.

The next version is anticipated to arrive somewhere around the third or last week of July. According to predictions, the OB42 Update early server will launch on October 13.

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Free Fire Advance Server Registration

Only a select group of players will receive the 16-character activation Code. Players must thus obtain the Activation Code and register for the OB42 Advance Server on the official website before it starts. A few days before to the Advance Server’s launch date, registration begins.

Here’s the step-by-step process for users to download Advance Server

  • Players must first visit the Free Fire Advance Server official website. They can click here to access the webpage.
  • They must now decide between Facebook and Google in order to finish the first step of registration.

In addition, they must remember that the FF player ID must be connected to the platform the players have chosen. If not already done, players must bind their accounts.

  • After then, users should allow the website to recognize their accounts.
  • The website will now immediately take users to the following stage, where participants must provide information like their email address and others.
  • The “Join Now” button must then be clicked by players for the registration process to be successful.
  • The website will link customers to the download page after registration is complete, where they can access the client and any available activation codes.

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