How to Double Rank Up in Valorant – Valorant Rank Up Secrets

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So you want to rank up in Valorant, huh? We don’t blame you. Climbing the ranks is one of the most satisfying parts of any competitive shooter, and Valorant is no exception.

The higher you climb, the more you can show off your skills and the more coveted loot you unlock. Doubling your rank quickly might sound impossible, but with the right mindset and techniques, you can accelerate your climb up the ladder.

In this article, we’ll share some insider tips from top Valorant players on how to skip entire ranks at a time. Whether you’re stuck in Iron or pushing into Radiant, these rank up secrets will help you improve faster and claim your rightful spot at the top.

The competition’s tough, but with hard work and the strategies we’ll cover, you’ll be dominating lobbies and wondering why you ever struggled in the first place.

Now, go grab your favorite agent and let’s get ranking!

Valorant Ranking System

To rank up in Valorant, you first need to understand how the ranking system works. Valorant uses a tiered system with 8 ranks: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Radiant.

Rank Up in Valorant
Rank Up in Valorant

Within each rank are 3 levels, except for Radiant which has only 1. You progress by earning RR (Rank Rating) points for wins and lose RR for losses. Earn 100 RR and you’ll rank up to the next level. Max out all 3 levels in your current rank and you’ll promote to the next rank.

Some tips to rank up faster:

  1. Focus on your gameplay: Work on aim, game sense, agent abilities, and teamwork. The better you play, the more you’ll win.
  2. Play with friends: Queuing with a full team gives you the best chance of success. Use voice chat to communicate and coordinate strategies.
  3. Choose impactful agents: Pick agents with abilities that match your playstyle and can influence the outcome. Controllers like Astra or Omen, duelists like Jett or Reyna, and sentinels like Killjoy or Cipher are all great options.
  4. Play competitive matches: While unrated matches are good for practice, only comp matches affect your rank. And the more you play, the more accurate your rank will become.
  5. Learn from your losses: Don’t get tilted after a loss. Review your gameplay to see what you can improve for next time. Sometimes losing is the best way to get better.

With dedication and persistence, you’ll start gaining RR and ranking up in no time. Set small goals, focus on self-improvement, and keep at it. Before you know it, you’ll reach the next rank tier and be well on your way to Radiant!

Tips for Fast Rank Up in Valorant

To rank up fast in Valorant, you need to focus on improving your skills and winning more matches.

Tips for Fast Rank Up in Valorant
Tips for Fast Rank Up in Valorant – Image CREDITS EXCEL

Here are some tips to help you climb the ranks:

  • Practice your aim: Work on recoil control and crosshair placement in the practice range or aim trainers like Aim Lab. The better your aim, the more duels you’ll win.
  • Learn the maps: Know the callouts, angles, and common spots for enemies. Use your abilities to gain map control and catch people off guard. The more you understand the maps, the more you can outplay your opponents.
  • Play as a team: Communicate with your teammates, trade kills, and work together to achieve objectives. Even if you have amazing aim, it’s tough to win without teamwork.
  • Focus on your economy: Don’t buy expensive guns every round – save money for the rounds that matter. Buy as a team and make sure everyone has what they need to win the round. The team with the economic advantage usually comes out on top.
  • Review your matches: See what you did well and look for mistakes to improve. Watch high-ranked players to pick up new strategies and tips. The more you analyze your gameplay, the faster you’ll rank up.
  • Dodge toxicity: Don’t engage with toxic teammates – just mute them. Stay positive and focused. Letting others tilt you will only hurt your performance and rank.

With practice, dedication, and by following these tips, you’ll be hitting the next rank tier in no time. The grind may be difficult, but achieving a new rank is extremely rewarding. Keep at it and don’t get discouraged – you’ve got this!

Improving Your Skills and Gameplay

To rank up faster in Valorant, improving your skills and gameplay is key. Focus on these areas:

Aim and Accuracy

Work on keeping your crosshair at head level and practice hitting headshots. Go into the practice range and do aim training exercises like shooting stationary targets, moving targets, and strafing targets. Play Deathmatch mode to get lots of practice taking out enemies in quick succession.

Ability Usage

Learn how to use your agent’s abilities to the fullest. For example, if you’re playing Jett, work on dashing and updrafting at the right times to get the drop on enemies or escape dangerous situations.

For Sova, practice using your recon dart and owl drone effectively to gain information on enemy positions. The more you play one agent, the better you’ll get at using their abilities.

Game Sense

Pay attention to things like the map, sounds of enemy movement, kill feed, and teammate callouts to gain information about what’s happening in the match. Work on predicting where enemies might go or set up based on the information you have.

Think about how you can use the map terrain and objects as cover. Try to outthink your opponents. The more you play, the better your game sense will become.


Talk to your teammates, call out enemy locations when you spot them, suggest strategies, and work together.

Let people know if you’re defending a site alone, need backup, or are rotating to another area. Communication and teamwork are key to success in Valorant.

Review and Improve

Watch your match replays and see what you can improve. Look for aim issues, poor ability usage, lack of game sense, and mistakes. Set concrete goals to work on for your next matches. Continue practicing and making incremental improvements to your gameplay over time. With regular practice of these skills, you’ll be ranking up in no time!

Finding the Right Teammates to Rank With

Finding teammates you work well with is key to ranking up quickly in Valorant. Solo queuing can be frustrating, as you’re matched with random players who may not communicate or work together. Partying up with friends or like-minded players is the fast track to climbing ranks.

Look for teammates with similar playstyles and schedules. If you’re an aggressive duelist main, pair up with support players who can heal and enable you. Night owls should find other night owls so you’re not stuck with AFK teammates who have to leave for work or school.

Use the Valorant Discord or subreddit to connect with other players in your region and rank. Make a post specifying what you’re looking for in a teammate, or browse other posts to find good matches.

Once you have a few potential teammates, play some unranked games together to determine your team chemistry. Things like communication, coordination, game sense and teamwork are all important factors for ranking up.

If you mesh well together, you’ve found your squad to start ranking with. If not, keep looking. There are plenty of players out there, so don’t settle for a team that isn’t the right fit.

In your ranked games, have a strategy prepared for different maps and team comps. Discuss operator usage, ability usage, rotations and more before the game starts. Make mid-round calls to keep your team coordinated.

Most importantly, maintain a positive attitude. Tilting or raging at your teammates will only make you all play worse. Offer constructive criticism and encouragement to build team morale.

The key factors in finding good teammates are:

  • Shared playstyles and schedules
  • Strong communication and teamwork
  • Positive and encouraging attitude
  • Willingness to develop map strategies together

With the right squad behind you, double ranking up in Valorant is well within your reach. Party on and climb those ranks!

The Secret to Doubling Your Rank – Duo Queueing

Duo queuing is the secret to ranking up fast in Valorant. Find a friend or teammate with a similar skill level and play ranked matches together. Having a reliable duo partner provides huge advantages over solo queuing.


With a duo partner, you’ll have clear communication which is key to success in Valorant. You can develop strategies together, call out enemies, and coordinate attacks.

Your teammate will know your tendencies, abilities, and playstyle which allows you to combo abilities and set each other up for kills. Solo queuing means getting matched with random teammates who may not communicate at all.


In a duo, you’ll work together as a team instead of just focusing on yourself. You can trade kills, cover angles for each other, and retake sites cooperatively. Your duo partner will have your back and you’ll have theirs. Solo queuing often results in teammates doing their own thing and a lack of team play.


When you duo queue, you’ll get matched with your partner every game which provides consistency. You’ll get used to each other’s play and know what to expect.

Solo queuing means getting different random teammates each match which can be frustrating as you have to adapt to new playstyles every game.

Duo queuing is the secret trick to climbing ranks in Valorant. Find a reliable duo partner, work on communication and teamwork, and you’ll be doubling your rank in no time.

The advantages of queuing with a friend far outweigh solo queuing with random teammates. Give duo queuing a try – you have nothing to lose and ranks to gain!


Here are some ways you can use them to rank up in Valorant. The grind to rank up in Valorant can feel endless, but with the right mindset and approach, you’ll be climbing in no time.

Focus on improving your skills, learning from your mistakes, and building positive relationships with your teammates.

Double ranking up is absolutely within your reach if you stay dedicated and remember why you started playing in the first place – to have fun and push yourself outside your comfort zone.

You’ve got this! Now get out there, trust in your abilities, and show the other players what you’re made of.

The ranks will come, just keep putting in the work each and every game. Before you know it, you’ll be looking back on this goal wondering why you ever doubted yourself. The key is believing in yourself and never giving up. You can do it.


How do I increase my rank rating in Valorant?

You must amass 100 RR points in order to advance from your current rank. How do you acquire RR points, too? hmm, by winning video games. In a Competitive Mode, you typically receive between 10 and 50 RR points for winning a match.

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