How to Play Valorant: Beginner’s Full Guide

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Valorant is a popular tactical first-person shooter video game developed and published by Riot Games. Valorant offers an experience that requires both skill and strategic thinking, combining elements of strategy, teamwork, and precise aim. For beginners moving into the world of Valorant, this guide will provide an overview of the game’s mechanics, strategies, and tips to help you start your journey to becoming a skilled player.

How to Play Valorant

At first, you’ll need to start from the basics if you’re new to this first-person shooter game. Before you jump into the game, spend some time with your in-game settings to give yourself the best chance at success. Once done, you can start looking into the different destinies of Valorant, including aiming, movement, and communication. Each facet will take time to learn and master, and this guide will help you speed up the process and get you on a fast track to success in Valorant.

Understanding the Valorant Basics

Valorant game 5v5 is a competitive fps game where you have to choose a character of your choice i.e. agent with your team and decide the agent’s abilities. Here you can play the entire game using any character. A total of 25 rounds will be played here. The team that wins 13 rounds here will be declared as the winner. There are two parts in the game, one part is Attackers, and another part is Defenders.

How to Play Valorant: Beginner’s Guide

The attacker’s main goal is to plant and explode a Spike on one of the bombsites and the defender’s main goal is to defend the bombsites from Spike’s planting or defuse it. Valorent Key is a classic game where two teams have five players each and there are two phases. One is the buy phase, and the other is the active phase. In the buy phase, each player will get 30 seconds to buy the items they need and the next 1 minute and 40 seconds to fight. Attackers here will try to defeat other players with bombs and defenders will plan how to diffuse those bombs to win. The first team to reach 13 points wins the game.

How Does the Game Work

If you’ve played CS: GO before playing Valorant, then Valorant will feel like home. Because there will be a total of 10 players in both teams and whichever team wins 13 rounds in this game will be the winner. Here the goal of each round of each team is to either explode or kill the entire enemy team.

How to Play Valorant: Beginner’s Guide

There are a total of 25 rounds in this game, in each round you get only one life. There are two types of rounds, one is the defender round, and the other is the attacker round which changes over time as the match progresses. Your job as an attacker and your team is to plant spikes or bombs to kill the defender.

The defender’s job, on the other hand, is to neutralize or stop those spikes. The overlap in this game is similar to CS: GO, where CS agents will work against GO agents, and CS agents will work against GO agents.

Understanding Roles in Valorant

Agents have four types of roles in the Valorant game, where they can fight enemies with different advantages at different times. Here we have discussed it in detail below.

How to Play Valorant: Beginner’s Guide

Duelist: Duelists in Valorant are agents who gain in direct fightback, better at both offensive assaults and quick eliminations. With a skillset tailored for aggressive engagement, Dualists are often at the forefront of the action, leading charges, creating chaos, and securing kills.

Initiator: Initiators excel at refusing enemy movement and positioning by forcing them to reposition due to the threat to their abilities. This disruption can create openings for teammates to capitalize on.

Sentinel: Sentinels are all about holding zones and possess abilities that heal and support their teammates. In this stage, this character is capable of reviving teammates, and she can also set up walls to block off zones.

Controller: Controllers often bring abilities that stop enemy vision, movement, and actions. This enables their team to engage with a significant advantage, catching opponents off guard.

Which Weapons to Choose in Valorant?

How to Play Valorant: Beginner’s Guide

In Valorant, there is no such thing as the best weapon in the game, here you have to choose the weapon based on your personal style. Phantom and Vandal are two of the most popular options in the game. Here you can choose from SMG, Rifle, Sniper, Heavy Weapon, Shotgun and Sidearm. In Valorant, weapon selection plays a crucial role in your performance on the battlefield. The right weapon can greatly enhance your effectiveness, so it’s important to choose weapons on your playstyle, role, and the specific situation you find yourself in.

How to Play Valorant: Tips and Tricks

Here you will find different maps and different agents. These agents play different roles according to different maps and new maps are added constantly, thus keeping the game very fresh. Here are some tips and tricks you need to know to play the game well, which will help you win this game.

How to Play Valorant: Beginner’s Guide

Plan: Understand the weaknesses and strengths of your team’s composition. Identify the roles of each player, like- Duelist, Initiator, Controller and Sentinel, and consider their preferred playstyles. This measurement will help you take responsibility and plan strategies that benefit on your team’s abilities.

Adaptability: Valorant is a dynamic game, where you always have to make one plan after another to win. Be always ready to adapt to changing plans for unexpected enemy actions, or failed strategies. Having a backup plan or emergency strategies can make a significant difference.

Team Communication: Communication plays an important role in the Valorant game. Communicate your plan to your teammates during the buy phase round. Use voice chat or text chat to convey strategies, positions, and any changes in the plan at the time of the active phase. Encourage your team to share information about enemy movements.

How to Play Valorant: Beginner’s Guide

Analyze the Game Map: Valorant is constantly adding new maps to the game and each map is unique and different. Each map in Valorant has unique features, like- different bombsite layouts, and different chokepoints. You need to play these maps in training mode to get a better understanding of these maps. Study the map you’re playing on and identify key areas for attack, control, and defence. This knowledge will guide your plan and help you relate enemy movements.

We hope that if you are playing the Valorant game for the first time, you have read our post to understand everything about the Valorant game. From here we have discussed how you can play the Valorant game and what is the gameplay of this game and what kind of tricks you can use to win the game easily. Hope you like this post. If you like, share this post with your friends and family.

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