Minecraft Universal Live Event – (12 Clapper Locations)

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Do you want to know about Minecraft Universal Live Event’s locations? Recently, Mojang Studios held a collaborative Minecraft event called Universal Studios in Bedrock Edition. They made a special server that features a huge map called Universal Studios Tour.

Which allows players to explore the world of Hollywood and play several minigames. There are twelve hidden film clappers located throughout the map.

Here’s how to discover these clappers on the Minecraft Universal Studios event server. Players who gather all 12 of them before the event finishes on December 22 at 4 PM PST will receive a special film clapper as a skin customization item.

How to find all clappers in Minecraft Universal Live event

The first thing that players need to know is what the Bedrock Edition server’s clapper looks like. A clapboard, which is used to sync audio and video during a film shoot, is something that most players have probably seen in action.

You can easily look it up online or use the image above as a direct example of what the Bedrock Edition clapboard looks like.

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The golden-colored clapper will be floating about various secret locations during the event. The first one will be fairly obvious to find, but the remaining 11 will be subtly buried around the enormous area.

The locations of every single clapper on the Minecraft Universal Studios event server are listed below:

  1. Directly across from the spawn place, in front of the large globe.
  2. In the hat shop, behind the crimson curtain.
  3. Up the stairs, beyond the green screen.
  4. Over the fire hydrant, behind the Heist game.
  5. Above the vine climb, inside of Fiona’s cabin.
  6. Perched above the green awning, close to the Pinocchio parkour.
  7. In front of the bone bridge, within the T-Rex exhibit.
  8. On the raised deck with a view of the Velociraptor paddock.
  9. Up on the throne, within the palace of King Julien.
  10. Beside the penguin pool, at the hot dog stand.
  11. Outside the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on the balcony.
  12. Reached by a ladder in the studio behind the green screen.

The primary plaza is home to the first four clappers on the list. There are then two clappers in each of the four designated areas, which are Shrek’s Swamp, Jurassic World, Madagascar, and Hollywood, respectively.

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Explore the multiple worlds of some of the most well-known film properties from the studio, including Madagascar, Jurassic Park, and Shrek, on the Minecraft Universal Studios event server.

Play with other players as they explore the server at the same time.

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