CoD Mobile Season 9: “Graveyard Shift” to go live on 4th October

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Season 9 of the popular battle royale game Call of Duty Mobile is about to launch. According to Activision, CoD Mobile Season 9 will be called Graveyard Shift and will debut on December 4th.

The Season 9 test server is currently active and packed with exciting events and rewards. See below for further information about the season.

COD Mobile Season 9 Graveyard Shift: Zombie Mode Return

The undead are now back in the game after an entire year of waiting. The brand-new zombie mode offers a heart-pounding adventure where you’ll have to battle for your life and score points to come out on top.

Additionally, a unique zombie event will be launched, offering players the chance to amass exceptional rewards.

Legendary Gun Skins

The COD Mobile Season 9 test server will reportedly provide some thrilling prizes, according to sources.

The chance for all players to get free legendary weapon skins is one of the game’s highlights.

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CoD Mobile’s 4th Anniversary Celebration

The main fourth-anniversary event will take place in Season 10, according to the creators, while a mini-event with an anniversary theme will begin in Season 9. Prepare to participate in the celebration and reap some exceptional benefits.

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