Aston Martin Vehicle Skins and Premium Rewards

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Aston Martin and BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) have partnered to create the “Aston Martin Speed Drift,” an exclusive in-game event.

Aston Martin is a legendary supercar manufacturer. Players can obtain unique vehicle skins inspired by Aston Martin during the course of this remarkable gaming experience, which is accessible to them until October 10, 2023, by trading Lucky badges for in-game cash (UC).

These skins boast a variety of Lucky badge pricing, offering the gaming community an intriguing challenge.

Three of Aston Martin’s iconic sports cars—Valkyrie, DBX707, and DBS Volante—have been included to the game as a result of this illustrious partnership between BGMI and Aston Martin.

These high-performance automobiles each have unique color schemes that improve the game experience. The Aston Martin DBS Volante, the first-ever convertible sports car from BGMI, commands attention among the three and features a fascinating opening and closing system.

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Players can earn a variety of benefits by accumulating Aston Martin sports cars in their virtual garages, which adds depth to the action.

The more of these famous vehicles they collect, the more in-game incentives they will gradually unlock, making their experience in BGMI even more gratifying.

Aston Martin in BGMI

  • The “Aston Martin Speed Drift” event is already underway and will last through October 10, 2023.
  • In this event, participants can gain a variety of gifts, such as unique clothing, vehicle skins, weapons skins, and more.
  • Players can use in-game currency (UC) to exchange Lucky badges for these premium car skins.
  • To use this feature, gamers must go to the event area and choose “Start Accelerating.” Please be aware that the first acceleration costs 60 UC, and that additional accelerations cost more money.
  • A range of awards, including mythic and legendary equipment, can be unlocked as players advance through the event, enhancing their gameplay experience.
  • A Speed Drift sub-event is offered in addition to the main event. Players who take part in this sub-event can acquire Lucky Vouchers, which can be altered.

All BGMI players presently have access to this collaborative event, which guarantees an opulent gaming experience.

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