A3 Royale Pass Rewards 1 to 100 Leaks – FREE Crossbow Upgrade

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The A3 Royale Pass is coming to PUBG Mobile, and it is coming on 12 September 2023. This is a Royal Pass, which will get rewards of up to 100 RP, such as a mythic suit for women and crossbow’s upgraded skin.

In this article, we will tell you about the exciting features and rewards of this A3 Royal Pass.

PUBG Mobile’s A3 Royale Pass, coming on September 12, 2023, is a happy news for gamers. In this Royal Pass, you will get a mythic suit for women, which will reach 100 RP. The design and appearance of this suit will definitely affect the players.

And if you’re a crossbow enthusiast, this Royal Pass is a priceless opportunity for you. In this, you will also get the upgraded skin of Crossbow, which you can reach Level 3. This skin will give a new professional design and firepower to your crossbow.

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A3 Royale Pass Rewards 1 to 100 Leaks

A3 Royale Pass Rewards 1 to 100 RP Rewards

  • Gutsy Lass Set
  • Gutsy Lass Cover
  • Uncanny Carnival – Famas Skin
  • Ashamed – Free Emote
  • Spectral Night Plane Skin
  • Ghastly Gloom Helmet Skin
  • Steampunk Raider Parachute Skin
  • Ghastly Gloom – Mini14 Gun Skin
  • Nitro Maniac – Mythic Set
  • Nitro Maniac Cover
  • Circus of Screams – Crossbow Upgrade Skin
  • Wing It – Free Emote
  • Deadly Carnival – M1014 Gun Skin
  • ClockWork – Backpack Skin
  • Disco Ball Ornament
  • Brawler Master Free Set
  • Flashy Fox Sidecar Motorcycle Skin
  • Magic Puff Smoke Garnade Skin
  • Lunahowl Mythic Emote
  • Luxurious Overlay SCAR-L Skin
  • Lunahowl Mask
  • Lunahowl 100RP SET

So that was A3 Royal Pass, hope you like the rewards of A3 Royal Pass. 100 rp mythic set up of this royal pass can change the color.

A3 Royale Pass Rewards - 100 RP Mythic Set
A3 Royale Pass Rewards – 100 RP Mythic Set

There are many more rewards and surprises that come with this A3 Royale Pass, which will make players happy. So on September 12, 2023, a new environment will be created for PUBG Mobile players, when it launches A3 Royale Pass. Let’s welcome this joyous moment and join in to make your gaming skills and wardrobe even more interesting.

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