Exclusive Secret on Getting the 6th Anniversary Hat in Free Fire MAX—You Need to See This!

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The most recent addition to Free Fire MAX is Hat Relay. The occasion was included in the game as a part of the recent 6th Anniversary celebrations, which have been going strong. It essentially offers one free gift, the 6th Anniversary Hat, which now has grown in popularity in the community due to its unusual acquisition method.

The following section goes into great detail about each of the two distinct ways to obtain the uncommon collectible from the Hat Relay.

How to Get the 6th Anniversary Hat from Hat Relay event in Free Fire MAX

You can take the following actions to get the 6th Anniversary Hat:

  1. If you have a buddy, you can join forces with them in a Clash Squad or Battle Royale match to receive it right away after the game.
  2. You can carry on playing games in other circumstances to increase your chances of getting the hat.
  3. Once you’ve acquired the 6th Anniversary Hat, you can put it on in the game’s vault.

Hat Relay Event

On July 11, 2023, the Hat Relay event began in Free Fire MAX and will last until July 19, 2023. Except normal cosmetics, you cannot buy it with diamonds; rather, you must earn it using special techniques.

After playing matches, you have a small chance of getting the hat as a drop. But if you play a Clash Squad or Battle Royale match first with player who already has the item, you can get it too.

You are therefore only one match away from getting the 6th Anniversary Hat once your friend has obtained it. If not, you have to play matches because it will be dropped at random after the game.

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