PUBG Mobile BOXERBOLT Set is coming soon along with upgradable firearm

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Amazing skins, sets, and other cosmetics are consistently added to PUBG Mobile by Level Infinite. They announced earlier today that the PUBG Mobile BOXERBOLT Set and an upgradeable weapon are on the way!

Players now have a fantastic chance to get some brand-new, intriguing in-game content.

A distinctive and aesthetically pleasing set of cosmetics, the BOXERBOLT Set is sure to stand out on the battlefield. The suit comes with a helmet, gloves, backpack, chest armor, and all of them are embellished with futuristic boxer designs. Additionally included in the kit is a unique parachute skin bearing the BOXERBOLT emblem.

The upgradeable firearm is another intriguing game element. This gun will initially be a simple weapon, but it can be strengthened and improved to become more potent and useful.

Players will be able to modify the firearm to their preferences by purchasing upgrades from the in-game marketplace. The BOXERBOLT Set and the upgradeable gun will be well-liked additions to PUBG Mobile, in my opinion.

They give players something interesting and novel to anticipate and are sure to raise the level of fun players experience while playing the game.

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How players can use the BOXERBOLT Set and the upgradable firearm

  • Players may build a strong and fashionable character that their rivals will be sure to fear with the BOXERBOLT Set and the upgradeable weapon combined.
  • The upgradeable firearm allows players to design a unique weapon that is ideal for their playstyle.
  • The BOXERBOLT Set allows players to design a distinctive character that will be noticeable on the battlefield.

I am interested in seeing how players develop their own distinctive and imaginative gameplay experiences with the BOXERBOLT Set and the upgradeable pistol.

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