Next Premium Crate PUBG/BGMI (Upcoming Premium Crate)

With every season, PUBG Mobile come up with 2 new Premium Crates and a custom crate where you can get lots of rewards either for free or with UC. If you have premium crate coupons, then it becomes cheaper, or I should say free.

In this article, I will be taking you through all the upcoming rewards in the next premium crate of PUBG Mobile. These rewards might change at the time of final release because it is in beta testing, but 90% chance is to be seen once the next premium crate gets released.

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Next Premium Crate PUBG/BGMI

1. Vintage Bard Cover & Set: A white and golden color cover and set is coming to in the next premium crate which looks adorable with a classy unique style. This Cover and Set combination looks pretty when used together. If your favorite color is white, then this Mythic Outfit is going to become one of your favorite outfit.

Vintage Bard Cover & Set

2. Candle Guardian Cover & Set: This Candle Guardian Cover & Mythic Set is impressive and looks fantastic. It is a pure golden color, stylish outfit with candles on its shoulder. This Guardian set is going to be your favorite one because of its style. But the sad thing, there is no emote. But it would be much better if we also get some emotes with this.

Candle Guardian Cover & Set

3. Golden Spring – M762: A new Golden, Green Yellow color skin is coming in the next premium crate and in the current image it looks impressive, and I’m sure you will love to do crate opening of Golden Spring – M762. If you can get it for free, then what could be better than this.

Golden Spring - M762

4. Fairyland Helmet: This green golden helmet skin is going to be a matching skin with the above M762 skin. It is available in 3 levels and when you pick up the helmet in the battlefield its design changes automatically.

Fairyland Helmet

5. Golden Spring Parachute: It is a parachute skin that can be unlocked for free with the premium crate coupons. For free, this parachute skin is going to be amazing. Here is how it looks like.

Golden Spring Parachute

Here is video tutorial for all the rewards and their demo is also included for your convenient. Just click on the video to start playing it.

These are the rewards that will be seen in the next premium crate. All these reward looks really awesome and fantastic. I will say if you have premium coupon then save it till the next one arrived and start claiming from wherever you can collect.

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