India’s Street Fighter V Team Falls Short at Asian Games 2023

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On September 26, 2023, the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition qualifiers for the much awaited Asian Games 2023 began. India was represented by two talented esports pros, Ayan Biswas and Mayank Prajapati. The Indian team’s trip in the medal event proved to be brief despite great expectations and a strong beginning because they encountered difficult competition from Hong Kong and Qatar in the round of 32.

Early Eliminations for India

Both Ayan Biswas and Mayank Prajapati competed against tough opponents from Hong Kong and Qatar in an effort to advance to the medal rounds. Unfortunately, their hopes of winning the Asian Games ended sooner than they had anticipated.

Before losing to Yeh Man Ho of Hong Kong in the third round of the Loser’s Bracket, Ayan Biswas had managed to place in the top-16. Mayank Prajapati, meanwhile, was forced to leave the competition even early after losing against Al-Mannai Abdulla of Qatar.

Indian Street Fighter V Team’s Performance in the Round of 32

Here is a detailed analysis of the round of 32 results for the Indian esports participants:

Ayan Biswas (India) vs. Khanh Hung Chao Nguyen (Vietnam)

Khanh Hung Chao Nguyen of Vietnam was defeated by Ayan Biswas in an astounding triumph for the competition’s opening round. Ayan dominated the match, taking both sets (2-0), and moved on to the first round of the winners bracket.

Ayan Biswas (India) vs. Abdulrahman Salem Alrayfal (Saudi Arabia)

Ayan narrowly prevailed in the Winners Bracket match between Saudi Arabia and India by one set. Despite his best efforts, he ultimately fell against Abdulrahman Salem Alrayfal in two sets, earning a 1-2 loss.

Mayank Prajapati (India) vs. Rajikhan Talal (Saudi Arabia)

Despite putting up a spirited fight against the strong Saudi Arabian Rajikhan Talal, Mayank Prajapati was unsuccessful. Even though he was able to win one set, he was ultimately defeated 1-2.

Mayank Prajapati (India) vs. Abdulla Al-Mannai (Qatar)

Mayank Prajapati faced Abdulla Al-Mannai of Qatar after losing to Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, he was unable to win this game, and after suffering a 0-2 loss, he was ousted from the competition.


Ayan Biswas’ Tough Fight in the Loser’s Bracket

Ayan Biswas was India’s last remaining chance in the Street Fighter V competition at the Asian Games 2023 after Mayank Prajapati was eliminated. Prior to losing against Yeh Man Ho from Hong Kong in the Loser’s Bracket, Ayan gave a heroic effort.

Ayan Biswas (India) vs. Khanh Hung Chao Nguyen (Vietnam)

With a faultless 2-0 victory over Khanh Hung Chao Nguyen to open his Loser’s Bracket campaign, Ayan demonstrated India’s promise on the Asian Games stage.

Ayan Biswas (India) vs. Yeh Man Ho (Hong Kong)

Yeh Man Ho of Hong Kong competed against Ayan Biswas in the third round of the Loser’s Bracket. Despite his earlier triumph, Ayan lost 0-2 because he was unable to keep up his enthusiasm.

In conclusion, India’s Street Fighter V squad demonstrated exceptional talent and tenacity during their participation in the Asian Games 2023, earning a berth in the top-16 in the round of 32. Even though they may have had their journey cut short by powerful rivals from Hong Kong and Qatar, the Indian esports scene still holds promise on the global scene. India’s competitive scene will surely aspire for greater success in upcoming competitions as the esports industry develops.

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