BGMI introduces a brand new Dandy Groovstar ultimate set, get it now

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Fantastic features, content, and skins are always available from Battlegrounds Mobile India. The BGMI Shining Stage crate, which includes a new ultimate set, weapon skin, and frag grenade skin, was just released by Krafton. For more details on the new crate and BGMI Dandy Groovstar ultimate set, click here.

A brand-new ultimate set called Dandy Groovstar is included in the BGMI Shining Stage crate, a new crate that is currently offered in the game. There are many brand-new and unique goods in there. The in-game currency, UC, can be used to buy the Shining Stage crate. By cracking open the Classic crate, you can also get the crate for nothing.

Dandy Groovstar Ultimate Set

An excellent way to get some of the brand-new, limited-edition items that have been added to BGMI is through the Shining Stage box.

There are many objects in the crate, so there is something for everyone. The Shining Stage crate is an excellent choice if you want to revamp your outfit or weaponry.

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You need a key in order to open the Shining Stage container. You can buy keys with UC or get them for nothing by cracking open the Classic box.

When you have a key, go to the “Crates” area of the in-game menu to unlock the Shining Stage crate. Click the “Open” button after selecting the Shining Stage container.

A random item will be given to you when the box is opened. The Shining Stage Set, one of the new weapon skins, or another item from the crate are all possible rewards.

Your unique preferences will determine whether or not the Shining Stage container is worthwhile opening. There are many brand-new and rare stuff in the box, but there is a potential that you can also get something you don’t want.

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