How to Get Bliss Popper AN94 for Free in Free Fire MAX

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Getting rare items and gun skins in Free Fire MAX may be a fun challenge. One such chance comes up during the “Play With Friends” event, which grants participants the chance to obtain the permanent Bliss Popper AN94 gun skin in addition to other incentives.

This article will show you how to get the desired skin and will look at many techniques to get permanent gun skins in Free Fire MAX.

How to Get Bliss Popper AN94 for Free in Free Fire MAX

Requirements to acquire The Bliss Popper AN94

The following prerequisites must be met by players in order to receive the Bliss Popper AN94 and other rewards:

  1. Win a free Gold Royale Voucher by participating in four games with friends (expiration date: September 30, 2023)
  2. Gain free 3000x gold by participating in 9 games with friends.
  3. To receive the free AN94 – Bliss Popper, play 18 games with friends.

How to Get Free Bliss Popper AN94

Follow these easy steps to get the Bliss Popper AN94 and other prizes from the Play With Friends event:

  1. Use your Free Fire MAX account to carry out the requirement of playing the necessary amount of games with your pals.
  2. To keep track of the games you’ve finished, check your progress on the event interface.
  3. When the task is finished, click the “Team Up Challenge” option under the event tab.
  4. Select “Play With Friends” from the list of events.
  5. To get them, including the Bliss Popper AN94 gun skin permanently, click the claim button next to the correct prize.

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