Free Fire Max OB41 Update Date, Leaks, and More

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The Advance server is currently online with the Free Fire Max OB41 update. A lot of new features and enhancements will be added to the well-known battle royale game with the upcoming Free Fire Max OB41 update.

The upgrade is presently available on the advance server and will remain available until August 7th, 2023. See below for further information and the Free Fire MAX OB41 Update Date.

Suzy, a new character that can boost her movements speed and fire rate while she is low on health, is one of the most noticeable additions in the OB41 update. She is a strong option for those who enjoy playing aggressively because of this.

Free Fire Max OB41 Update Date, Leaks,
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The training mode is an additional new feature of the OB41 upgrade. With no risk of being murdered by other players, this mode enables gamers to hone their abilities in a secure setting. Players can gain new skills and sharpen their aim by doing this.

Key Features of the Free Fire Max OB41 Update

Now let us tell you some amazing features of OB41 Update.

1. Changes to the Hangar and Factory locations

Changes have been made to the Hangar and Factory areas to make them more intriguing. The Factory has been transformed into a chemical plant, while the Hangar has been transformed into a military outpost. These modifications make these places riskier to visit, but they also make exploration more enjoyable.

2. Changes to the Peak Map

To make it harder, the Peak map has been altered. The map has grown, and it are now additional challenges to overcome. Players will have a harder time locating one another as a result, and the game will become more strategic as a result.

3. New Updates to the Clash Squad Mode

New elements have been added to the Clash Squad mode, including a new terrain and weapon. The new map, “Factory,” takes place in a chemical factory. The “Nano Vest,” as the new weapon is known, offers more protection than the conventional vest.

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