How to Get Wish Set Match Quest Pack for FREE in Fortnite!!

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Each season, during the Fortnite season, Epic Games releases a quest pack. This is often very popular with players of Fortnite. This deal allows players to buy V-Bucks as well as additional cosmetic items at the same amount. The quest pack is available for purchase and is titled the Wish Set Match Quest Pack.

This guide will explain to players all they should be aware of Fortnite’s Wish Set, Match, Wish quest pack, as well as how to get it and the steps to unlock the benefits.

How to Get the Wish, Set, Match Quest Pack

For those who wish to obtain Wish, Set and Match quest pack Wish, Set, Match quest pack can buy it from the Epic Games Store or directly from the game’s Item Shop. To locate it in the Item Shop players must scroll down until the Special Offers and Bundles section before purchasing the item. No matter what method you choose to purchase it, it’s priced at $11.99. Here’s a complete list of all the items it contains:

  • 1,500 V-Bucks
  • Court Queen Erisa skin
  • summer Casual alternative design for The Court Queen Erisa skin
  • Racket of the Wish back Bling
  • Racket of the Wish harvesting tool
  • Wrapping of Group Shots

The 1,500 V-Bucks within Wish, Set, Match Wish, Set, Match bundle cannot be accessed automatically. gamers have to get them from working through Wish, Set, Match quests.

Get Wish Set Match Quest Pack

Wish, Set, Match Quests

After players have purchased when they purchase the Wish, Set, Match bundle, they’ll also be given the quests that must be completed to earn V-Bucks that are included in the bundle. Fortunately, the quests aren’t that difficult to complete and can be completed by simply engaging in Fortnite’s battle royale mode.

Stage 1 – Complete Daily Bonus Goals (3)100 V-Bucks
Stage 2 – Complete Daily Bonus Goals (5)200 V-Bucks
Stage 3 – Complete Daily Bonus Goals (7)300 V-Bucks
Stage 4 – Complete Daily Bonus Goals (10)400 V-Bucks
Stage 5 – Complete Daily Bonus Goals (12)500 V-Bucks

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Gamers are able to complete the number of daily Quests as they like within Fortnite however, they can achieve only be able to complete three daily bonus goals daily. This means that in order to earn all the V-Bucks with the Wish, Set, Match quest pack as quickly as they can, gamers will have to complete their daily quests over at least 4 days.

The players who have less free time don’t need to fret because after they’ve bought the pack, regardless of whether it’s removed from the Item Shop The quests will be in the game.

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