How to Get Level 4 Armour after Dragon Ball Z update in BGMI?

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Battlegrounds Mobile India, also known as BGMI, is a popular online multiplayer battle royale game played by millions of players. The game is well-known for its realistic graphics, thrilling action, and variety of modes and maps. The game has become more interesting because to the subsequent Dragon Ball Z update, which brought a number of new features including level 4 armour.

The best option for the best possible defense in BGMI is level 4 armor. It’s the rarest sort of armor, so you’ll need to be lucky or persistent to acquire it.

How to Get access to the Level four Armour in BGMI


You may occasionally receive level 4 armor for completing events. Due to the fact that these events frequently have a time limit, you must keep an eye out for them.

Supply Crates

In supply crates, you can find the Level 4 armor. They may be found all across the world and often contain a variety of items, including guns, armor, and medical supplies.

Looting enemies

If you kill an enemy when they are wearing level 4 armor, you can grab it from their dead crate. This is a risky tactic because the enemy might still be around and still be capable of retaliating.

Flare guns and Airdrops

Receiving level 4 armor most reliably is by airdrop. Level 4 armor is often only found in one piece, but there might be more in some circumstances. To find airdrops, which are marked on the map by a red smoke signal and are in high demand, you will need to move rapidly.

Because airdrops are more likely to occur there, landing in hot drop zones like Pochinki or Schools is advantageous. It is advised to steal from supply crates as often as you can. It can also be beneficial to take part in activities that grant you level 4 armor. With a little amount of luck and effort, you should be able to obtain level 4 armor, increasing your chances of survival in BGMI.

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