How to Get a Rank Buddy in Valorant – Boost Your Rank

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So you’ve been grinding solo queue in Valorant and just can’t seem to rank up. You top frag, make good calls and do everything in your power to secure the win.

But sometimes your random teammates just don’t have the same game sense or skill level. The solution? Find yourself a rank buddy.

A rank buddy is someone you duo or trio queue with regularly to rank up together. When you play with someone you mesh well with, you’ll win more games.

You can make coordinated plays, watch each other’s backs, and not have to worry about trolls or leavers. Ranking up is always easier when you have good team chemistry and communication.

In this article, we’ll go over how to find a rank buddy in Valorant so you can start dominating the ladder. We’ll discuss where to look for potential rank buddies, how to determine if someone is a good fit, and tips for building teamwork and climbing ranks together.

Finding the right rank buddy can be a game changer, allowing you to reach new heights on the ranked ladder. So let’s get started and find you a partner in crime!

What Is a Rank Buddy in Valorant?

In Valorant, a Rank Buddy is a special gun buddy (weapon charm) that represents the highest rank you achieved during a competitive season (called an Episode).

By playing ranked games and climbing the leaderboards, you can unlock an exclusive Rank Buddy to proudly display on your favorite gun.

Think of Rank Buddies as a badge of honor, showing off your greatest Valorant achievement to your teammates and opponents. Each Episode (typically lasting 2-3 months) will bring a new Rank Buddy to work towards, so you’ll always have another goal to grind for.

To get your Rank Buddy, you’ll need to play at least 10 ranked placement matches when an Episode first starts to receive your initial rank.

From there, keep playing ranked games – whether solo, with friends or using the game’s matchmaking feature – and rack up as many wins as possible to rank up. The ranks in Valorant go from Iron to Radiant, so pace yourself and learn from each game to steadily progress.

Once the Episode ends, your final rank will determine which Rank Buddy you receive. The higher your rank, the more prestigious the buddy. Bronze, Silver, and Gold players will get a basic Rank Buddy.

While Ascendant and Immortal players receive a holographic design. Radiant players – the top rank in Valorant – get an ultra-rare Radiant Rank Buddy fit for a champion.

So put your skills to the test, grind the ranked leaderboards, and claim your Rank Buddy triumph. Show it off with pride and keep practicing – there’s always another Episode around the corner!

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Tips for Finding Your Ideal Rank Buddy

Finding a rank buddy in Valorant is key to climbing the ranks.

Here are some tips to find your ideal duo partner:

  1. Look for similar playstyles: Do you main duelists and play aggressively or prefer supporting your team with controllers and sentinels? Find someone with a complementary playstyle so you can work together effectively.
  2. Check stats and ranks: See if someone is within a couple of ranks of you and has a similar win rate and KDA. This indicates you’re at comparable skill levels and will be able to keep up with each other.
  3. Play some unrated matches first: Group up with some potential buddies and play a few casual games to get a feel for how you communicate and work together. See if your playstyles and personalities mesh before jumping into competitive matches.
  4. Discuss strategies and callouts: Make sure you’re on the same page for basic strategies, ability usage, and map callouts. Develop a rhythm for communicating with each other in-game. The more you play together, the more seamless your teamwork will become.
  5. Compromise when needed: Be willing to take feedback from your buddy and adjust your playstyle for the good of the team. No one can always get their way, so find a partner willing to listen and compromise as well.

With the right rank buddy by your side, the climb to higher ranks will be far more enjoyable and effective. Building team chemistry and cooperation with someone at your skill level is the key to success in Valorant.

Playing With Your Rank Buddy to Climb the Ranks in Valorant

To rank up in Valorant, finding a dedicated rank buddy or duo partner can make all the difference. Playing with someone you connect with and trust has so many benefits over solo queuing.

Communication is Key

With a rank buddy, you’ll have someone on voice comms to communicate with. Call out enemy locations, coordinate attacks, and watch each other’s backs.

Developing team chemistry and learning each other’s playstyles takes time, but will make you a force to be reckoned with.

Strategize and Improve Together

Discuss strategies before rounds, see what’s working and not working, then adapt. Review recordings of your matches together to pinpoint areas for improvement.

A second set of eyes will pick up on things you might miss. Give each other constructive criticism and encouragement to help boost skills and confidence.

Accountability and Consistency

Having a regular rank buddy holds you accountable for showing up and putting in the hours to climb.

You can get into a consistent routine, warming up together before jumping into ranked. Know that your partner will be there when you log on, ready to queue up for the next match. Over time, you’ll build up team synergy through consistently playing together.

While there’s no guarantee you’ll instantly rank up by finding a rank buddy, your odds will increase significantly.

Put in the work to build chemistry, hone skills together, and push each other to be better players. The journey to higher ranks may take time but will be far more rewarding with a trusted partner by your side.


So there you have it, some tips to help find your perfect rank buddy in Valorant. Now all that’s left to do is get out there, play some matches, find teammates with that spark, and start climbing the ranks together.

Who knows, maybe that Sage who revived you in round 4 or that Phoenix who flashed the enemy Jett clutching the final round could end up being your new best friend and lifelong rank buddy. The possibilities are endless if you just put yourself out there.

So queue up, communicate well, play your heart out, and most importantly, have fun. Your rank buddy is out there waiting for you, so get to it! The open queue awaits.

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