Free Fire Booyah Pass November 2023 (Season 11): Check Rewards, Cost & More

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Free Fire Booyah Pass November 2023 (Season 11): As of November 2023, gamers can now access the Booyah Pass, the most recent season pass for Free Fire. With its new theme, “Rise of Puppets,” this eleventh edition of the pass gives the game’s prizes and aesthetics a thrilling new twist.

The Free Fire Booyah Pass will be available starting in November 2023 (Season 11)

Players can begin collecting exclusive, theme-based cosmetic items on November 1, 2023. These goods will be for sale until November 30, 2023, which is the end of the month.

Free Fire Booyah Pass November 2023 (Season 11) Crucial Awards and Levels

Players are rewarded as they advance through various levels with an abundance of unique products available in both free and premium categories through the Free Fire Booyah Pass.


Free Fire Booyah Pass (Season 11) November 2023 Crucial Awards and Levels
Free Fire Booyah Pass (Season 11)

Premium Tier Rewards

  • The Booyah Pass Pet Choice Crate marks the beginning of Level 1.
  • There’s the Marionette Fantasy Bundle on Level 10.
  • Reaching higher levels allows you to access new bundles, tokens, and exclusive items like Your Puppet Backpack and the Puppet Chopper.
  • Level 150 marks the conclusion and grants access to the Dance Emote, Dance Puppet, and extra tokens.

Free Tier Rewards

  • Level 10: Cool Puppet Skyboard
  • Level 20: Rise of the Puppets Banner
  • Level 50: Not Your Puppet Mask
  • Level 91, featuring various items and tokens

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Free Fire Booyah Pass November 2023 (Season 11) Price and Upgrades

In November 2023, two premium versions of the Booyah Pass will be available. While the regular Premium Pass costs 499 Diamonds, the Premium Plus version costs 999 Diamonds and provides a 50-level boost right away. So this was Free Fire Booyah Pass November 2023.

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