Dominate Hot Drops in BGMI: 3 Best Survival Secrets Tips!

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Do you want to Dominate Hot Drops in BGMI? So you have come to the right post. There are a few locations on the BGMI maps where a lot of players like to land.

This is due to a number of factors, including the availability of loot and proximity to the flight route.

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, most players tend to avoid these hot drops unless they are experienced with the game. Here are 3 suggestions you can utilize if you’re one of these players to survive quickly in scorching drops.

Dominate Hot Drops in BGMI
Dominate Hot Drops in BGMI

1. Land Quickly

It is essential to comprehend the right parachuting procedure in BGMI. Getting the first to land will give you an advantage over your competitors because every second matters.

If you botch landing and end up dying quickly, your adversaries will have the upper hand.

2. Choose a Close-Range Gun

Since the majority of the early battles take place near to you, you would be better suited having a gun that deals out quite a lot of damage to the enemis.

For instance, an efficient assault rifle (AR) like the AKM will help you eliminate adversaries more rapidly because to its high damage output.

If you can aim, use a DBS or an S12K shotgun. These are the best weapons in the game when it gets to close-quarters combat. In principle, you can use a single shot to eliminate adversaries nearby.

3. Quick Loot

As soon as you land in a hot-drop area, you must move swiftly to begin looting. Gain an immediate edge by being the first to locate and acquire weapons, armor, and other crucial loot items.

Because other players would likely try to accomplish the same goal, rapid decision-making and looting are essential in BGMI.


In this post you are given 3 tips about Dominate Hot Drops in BGMI. By following these tips you can Dominate Hot Drops in BGMI.

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