BGMI Masters Series ( BGMS )Season 2: Intense Battles Await on Day 2

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The stage is set for yet another thrilling duel as the sun rises on the second and final day of the BGMI Masters Series Season 2 Grand Finals. As sixteen top-tier teams compete in the ultimate test of skill and strategy on August 26, 2023, New Delhi becomes the centre of the esports universe. As these teams compete in twelve matches, the stakes are extremely high as they compete not just for victory but also for the majority of the amazing 2.1 crore prize pool.

The Masters Series Season 2 Grand Finals is more than just a competition; it serves as a breeding ground for legends. As day two approaches, the competition heats up. The leaderboard is a patchwork of many stories; some teams have excelled while others are adamant about winning.

BGMI Masters Series
BGMS Finals Day 2 (Image via Nodwin Gaming)

The Contenders Of BGMI Masters Series: Clash of Titans

The participating teams read like a who’s who of BGMI esports:

  • Blind Esports
  • Team Insane
  • Global Esports
  • Marcos Gaming
  • OR Esports
  • Medal Esports
  • Velocity Gaming
  • Enigma Gaming
  • Team 8Bit
  • WSB Gaming
  • Gods Reign
  • Orangutan
  • OneBlade
  • Gladiators Esports
  • Lucknow Giants
  • Team Xspark

Each team has a unique story, a distinct journey that has led them to this grand stage. From underdogs looking to upset the hierarchy to established titans defending their honor, the arena is alive with anticipation.

A Day of Challenge and Triumph: Day 2 Map Schedule

The players’ familiarity with the environment is further increased by Day 2’s rotation of well-known battlegrounds:

Erangel (9:47 p.m.) against.
Second game: Sanhok (10:30 pm)
Miramar against. Match 3 (11:12)
4th game: Erangel (11:56)
As dusk falls, the arenas will come alive with intense battles, each one a tale of survival, cunning, and split-second choices. The esports athletes’ flexibility will be on display as the battlegrounds see everything from thrilling shootouts to cunning ambushes.

Recap of Day 1: A Glimpse into the Drama

Day 1 provided a sneak peek of the exhilarating BGMI Masters Series Season 2 Grand Finals. With an astounding 71 points and three podium places, Orangutan emerged as the front-runners. The day did, however, also reveal tales of remorse and tenacity.

After a sluggish start, Gladiators Esports came back, grabbing a chicken supper that propelled them to 59 points. Punkk, a skilled BGMI pro player for Velocity Gaming, led his team to victory, placing them third with 49 points. With a victory in the championship match, Team 8Bit changed their course and placed themselves in the top five, earning 32 points.

Day 1 was a sobering event for some people. Global Esports and Team Insane encountered difficulties that caused them to fall to eighth and ninth place, respectively. Team XSpark and Blind Esports ran into problems and finished the day in positions 11 and 15, respectively.

Day 2 of the BGMI Masters Series Season 2 Grand Finals is coming to a close as the sun sets. Fans should anticipate nothing less than electrifying fights, game-changing strategies, and amazing moments that will go down in esports history because the battle-tested teams are determined to write their own stories.

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