How to Use Blue Chip Detector in PUBG PC – Easy Methods

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Don’t know how to use Blue Chip Detector? No problem, I will tell you how to use Blue Chip Detector. Using Blue Chip is very easy.

The most recent patch for PUBG Battlegrounds has led to a major conflict between players. While a small portion of the community approves of the update, the majority believes it is unwise and ought to be dropped.

You can now see where other players are in the game thanks to the Blue Chip. The PUBG Heartbeat Sensor almost never cools down, allowing players to constantly see where other players are. It’s debatable whether or not this is a good idea for PUBG’s future, but in this article, we’ll look more closely at the Blue Chip.

How to Use Blue Chip Detector on PC, XBOX, and PlayStation

Below we will tell you the methods, you can use Blue Chip by looking at these methods.

  • Xbox: You must press LB + Y in order to use your Tactical Gear on Xbox.
  • PC: After selecting Blue Chip Detector, press “6” to use your tactical equipment on the PC.
  • PlayStation: Press L1 + Triangle on a PlayStation to activate the Heartbeat Sensor.

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