Team Soul’s Shocking Exit from BGMS 2023: Mortal, Thug, Sid, and Amit Speak Out

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One of India’s most renowned esports teams, Team Soul, unexpectedly saw itself eliminated from the BGMI Masters Series (BGMS) 2023 after a disappointing showing in the Playoffs. As the dust has settled, followers of the team and well-known individuals like Mortal, Thug, Sid, and Amit have voiced their responses to their sudden departure, offering light on the difficulties they encountered and their resolve to overcome them.

Team Soul’s participation in the contest came to an end in the BGMS 2023 Playoffs. Fans and the esports community were shocked when the squad was eliminated despite a valiant effort to place among the top contenders. Team Soul was not one of the 16 finalists who qualified for the BGMS, underscoring the fierce competition and merciless nature of esports competitions.

Despite taking part in the Super Weekends, Team Soul only managed to finish in the 11th slot after showing flashes of potential throughout the League Stage. Over the course of the three-week league, the team, led by Omega, struggled with performance variations. They did, however, qualify for the Playoffs because to their tenacity.

The crucial moment occurred on Day 1 of the Playoffs, when Team Soul suffered a big performance setback, putting them under tremendous pressure going into the last day. The team showed their full potential by scoring 23 points in the last game, despite a sluggish start on Day 2. Their BGMS odyssey came to an unfortunate conclusion with a 13th-place finish as a result of their efforts.

Owner of Team Soul and former BGMI player Mortal addressed the team’s departure on a livestream, highlighting the necessity for reflection and development. He understood the difficulties young players have in admitting their errors, but he reminded the crowd that these failures are essential for the team’s growth. Mortal made a hint about upcoming conversations to address problems and accept accountability for their actions.

Animesh “Thug” Agarwal, co-owner of S8UL Esports, offered a direct assessment of the predicament. He acknowledged his sadness in the team’s loss and emphasised the value of doing a reality check. Thug’s remarks emphasised the team’s dedication to achieving success through genuine efforts as opposed to merely qualifying.

 Team Soul
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Views Of Soul Amit & Sid On Team Soul Performance

Coach of Team Soul Amit Dubey said that the group’s performance fell short of expectations. He maintained an open posture, admitting the need for development and expansion but refraining from making empty promises. His direct remarks evinced a sense of accountability for the team’s success.

The manager of Team Soul’s esports division, Siddhant Joshi, had negative things to say about the team’s performance. He was forthright in saying that the team’s difficulties were not the consequence of bad fortune but rather a reflection of their deficiencies. Joshi expressed sadness, but he was also determined to utilise this failure as a chance to examine flaws and fix them before the next trials.

Players getting sick in the middle of crucial games was only one of the difficulties Team Soul faced during the BGMS 2023. The crew is resilient and committed to the upcoming BGIS 2023, an official competition run by Krafton, despite the obstacles. They gained a direct entry into the third round of the BGIS thanks to their stellar performance in the qualifying event The Grind, giving them hope for a comeback and atonement.

Every setback in the world of esports is a springboard for improvement. The failure of squad Soul at BGMS 2023 has sparked a fire among the squad and its supporters, inspiring them to strive for self-improvement and an unflinching resolve to overcome obstacles in the future.

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