Soniqs Esports Clinches PUBG Global Series 2 Championship, Securing $600,000 Prize at Gamers8

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In a heart-pounding showdown of elite gaming prowess, Soniqs Esports emerged as the triumphant victors of the PUBG Global Series 2, claiming the prestigious title and a staggering $600,000 grand prize. The culmination of eleven intense days of competition, held at the enthralling Gamers8: The Land of Heroes event within Boulevard Riyadh City, saw 24 of the world’s finest teams fiercely compete for their slice of a monumental $2 million prize pool.

Soniqs Esports, led by a formidable lineup featuring American talents hwinn, M1ME, Shrimzy, and Gunner, alongside Australian ace TGLTN, secured the pinnacle position on the leaderboard. This impressive feat came after a remarkable showcase of skill, strategy, and teamwork, making them deserving recipients of the championship. A close contender, Saudi Arabian powerhouse Twisted Minds, earned a commendable second place, taking home a prize purse of $260,000. The podium was completed by Question Mark, who clinched the third spot and a reward of $162,000.

Soniqs Esports
Soniqs Esports with their prize money after winning PUBG Global Series 2 competition at Gamers

Hwinn, one of the key pillars of Soniqs Esports, expressed his elation, stating, “It feels good. It feels deserved. The win came from confidence and trust — trust in the process and trust in the team.” Hwinn emphasized the importance of maintaining focus and positivity, highlighting their ability to stay in the moment and keep their attention on the upcoming challenges. Reflecting on their journey, he added, “We want to keep winning and we want to be the best and solidify ourselves as the best PUBG team ever.”

Amidst the backdrop of Boulevard Riyadh City’s electrifying atmosphere, the 29-year-old American took a moment to commend the hosting of Gamers8, declaring it as “the best experience to date” in his illustrious gaming career. Hwinn’s appreciation extended beyond the competition to Saudi Arabia itself, praising the warmth of the people and the splendor of the country. “With Gamers8, the whole thing they’ve built here is just amazing,” he enthused.

Eager to share his optimism about the future of esports in Saudi Arabia, hwinn stated, “I do believe esports is the future — this generation loves it and there’s so much potential to a game like PUBG. If they keep posting events like this, then we’ll keep showing up.”

Soniqs Esports, in addition to the coveted championship title and the grand prize, secured further triumphs during the PUBG Global Series 2. The team clinched an additional $20,000 by emerging as the ultimate Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD) recipient. Notably, TGLTN’s exceptional performance earned him the title of the Most Valued Player, along with an accompanying reward of $20,000. Furthermore, the precision of their gameplay allowed them to secure an extra $10,000 for registering the most kills in the finals.

When asked about his advice for aspiring esports players, hwinn’s words resonated with wisdom and practicality. “My advice to aspiring esports players is to focus on being healthy. Have a healthy mindset and go to the gym,” he offered. He emphasized the significance of cultivating a positive team dynamic and being an exceptional teammate, highlighting that success in esports transcends individual skill and extends to effective collaboration.

As Soniqs Esports basks in the glory of their remarkable achievement at the PUBG Global Series 2, their victory serves as a testament to the power of dedication, unity, and unwavering commitment to excellence in the dynamic world of esports.

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