Scout Character in Raider Six Mobile? Check Details

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The Scout character in Raider Six Mobile is called Tanmay, according to leaks. One of the most played video games in India is Scout.

Tanmay “Scout” Singh might be a playable character in the Indian battle royale game Raider Six Mobile. On July 4, 2023, Raider Six Mobile is made available.

Scout Character in Raider Six
Scout Character in Raider Six

The plot of the game revolves around a unique element called Element U because without it, the planet will run out in 2048. It is the raiders‘ responsibility to steal Element U from Area 6 because their success depends on it.

The fictional characters Zoya and Khalid are from Mumbai, and Zoya is a young woman who was raised there as the politician’s daughter.

Her destiny, however, took an unexpected turn when she unintentionally contracted a radioactive virus that altered her genetic makeup, stunted her growth, and imprisoned her in a young girl’s body permanently.

Khalid is a Mumbai-born fitness enthusiast who rose to the top of Bandra’s most prestigious gym, where he helped several Bollywood actors develop their ideal physiques.

He is weak as a result of the radiation he was exposed to during the Holocaust, and in order to survive in the battle for element U, he must always wear a bodysuit.

Raider Six Lobby

Characters in Raider Six Mobile

  • VAISHALI from Gurgaon
  • KIARA from Mumbai
  • FAY from Bangalore
  • ANANYA from Delhi
  • MYRA from Delhi
  • VIHAAN from Indore
  • JOHN from Chennai
  • YASH from Patna
  • ARJUN from Chandigarh
  • MILI from Kolkata

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