Rumoured Release Date for New PlayStation 5 Pro Console Revealed

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The PlayStation 5 Pro release date has been anxiously anticipated by gamers, but now a possible date has been made public.

The new console is scheduled to hit the market in November 2024, according to gaming journalist Tom Henderson, who has previously successfully disclosed PlayStation hardware plans.

Many studios should be given devkits by the close of this year for the PlayStation 5 Pro, which is said to have been in active development since 2022.

Henderson’s description of the upcoming system includes his claim that Sony will work to bring about better frame rates in 4k resolution, with optional 8k modes as well.

If rumors about the arrival of GTA 6 in 2024 are to be believed, gamers would very much appreciate this improvement.

The PS5 update is expected to be the last significant hardware update before to the launch of the PS6, which Henderson’s analysis suggests might happen as early as 2028.

Henderson said that it is not anticipated that the platform for this generation will receive any additional hardware enhancements, referencing Microsoft’s Xbox as well.

If you’re asking how much the PlayStation 5 Pro will cost, the details hasn’t been revealed yet, but given that the PS5 will start at €500 when it launches in 2020, you can be sure that it won’t be inexpensive.

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