PUBG Mobile New Discovery Event – Get Free emote and more

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The new Discovery event has started in PUBG Mobile, where you will get free rewards and some UC will be scratched to get some rewards.

Discovery Event is an exciting opportunity for PUBG Mobile gaming enthusiasts, where you have to meet new and unlocks and unique challenges.

PUBG Mobile New Discovery Event - Get Free emot and more
PUBG Mobile New Discovery Event – Get Free emot and more

In case you want to have fun, you have to visit the surf game and click on the ‘Events’ tab. During the event, you can win free rewards for completing different tasks, such as skins, room card, emotes, and more. For some rewards, you will have to scratch UCs, but this UC scratch will let you experience the joys with even better rewards.

New Discovery Event

So get ready, because this event takes you to a new place in PUBG Mobile, where you’ll experience both rewards and adventure!

New Discovery Event

In this event you have to collect points. You have to play matches to collect points. Daily you can collect 120 points.

New Discovery Event Rewards

  • Bal create coupon
  • SKS Gun Skin
  • Ornament
  • Emot
  • Free Emot
  • Vehicle skin
  • Parachute

Ball coupons can be used at the crate opening of this event. As you level up you will get free ball coupons.

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