PUBG Mobile A3 Royale Pass Pre-Order is now Available, Check Rewards

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PUBG Mobile, The incredible rewards in a well-known battle royale action game were already made known by A3 royale pass leaks.

Players will have access to stunning outfits, Amazing Gun and Vehicle skins, and more from level 1 to level 100 of the A3 Royale Pass. The forthcoming royale pass can already be pre-ordered.

Players can earn rewards in the game primarily through the Royale Pass. To advance in rank, you can earn Royale Pass Points in the following ways: Complete the Daily Missions and Challenge Missions for the Royale Pass. Elite Pass holders will have access to Elite Missions to rank up more quickly.

A3 Royale Pass Upcoming Upgradable Skins

  • Circus of Screams Crossbow (Level 3 Upgradable) – PR Level 50
  • Pumpkin Carol Groza (Level 5 Upgradable)
  • Mageblaze SLR (Level 5 Upgradable)
  • Glacial Bloomer (Level 8 Upgradable)
  • BoxerBolt Kar98k (Level 7 Upgradable)

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The A2 Royale Pass is currently available in the game; players can buy it with UC (in-game currency). The Elite Pass costs 720 UC, while the Elite Pass Plus costs 1920 UC. Both passes give players access to all rank rewards, a 50% weekly challenge point bonus, an exclusive avatar frame, special items, and more.

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