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Minecraft: Top Rarest blocks

Blocks make many of the different gameplay aspects of Minecraft possible from building to exploring. This article will help you to know about the top rarest blocks in the game-play. Minecraft: Top Rarest blocks

Minecraft: Top Rarest blocks
Minecraft: Top Rarest blocks

Bone Block

Bone blocks make up the fossil structures, which can be found in the Overworld in desert and swamp biomes. These blocks are primarily decorative but can be converted into nine bone meal pieces in the player crafting window. Nether fossils are also comprised of bone blocks, which can be encountered in soul sand valley biomes. Minecraft players will likely not encounter fossil structures often, so they should keep their eyes peeled when in one of the biomes they can generate. Players can also convert the bone meal back into a bone block by combining all nine pieces at a crafting table.

 Emerald Ore

Emerald ore is the rarer than diamond ore. Emeralds are the main currency used among Minecraft villagers, which players can use to purchase useful and sometimes rare items. This block only attempts to generate eleven times per chunk during word creation. It makes sense that the ore is rare since it is used as a form of money in-game. These blocks can only be found in mountain biomes. Even when this one does generate into the game, it only spawns in vein sizes of one. Players who want to get on their hands will need to be hunt upward.


Sponges are incredibly rare to come by in Minecraft, and can only be obtained from “sponge rooms” in Ocean Monuments or by defeating the Elder Guardian. Each sponge can absorb up to 65 blocks worth of water before it needs to be dried out to soak up more water. These blocks can come in handy as beneficial tools, which can rapidly remove large amounts of water. It makes sense that they were designed to be so far in-game with how useful sponges can be.



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