Krafton Summer Bonanza: Exciting New State Mobile Updates

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Krafton Summer Bonanza: When Krafton announced that New State Mobile, a online multiplayer battle royale game, will receive fresh improvements in July, it sent a surge of excitement through its player base.

The improvements specify elements that are focused on competition and offer incentives as a result, as initially revealed in a press statement by Krafton.

From July 22 until September 3, 2023, the featured Weekly League is scheduled to begin. Every Saturday and Sunday, for a two-hour match, the League will greet players to compete against one another.

Additionally, Krafton is getting ready to host the eagerly anticipated Newer State Mobile Summer Festival, and will happen from July 20 to August 23, 2023.

Krafton Summer Bonanza
Krafton Summer Bonanza

Other in-game enhancements provide a more immersive experience, such as the addition of a potent “Grenade Launcher” and a “Golden Flare Gun,” as well as laser effects in the “Laser Grip” customization for the “UMP45submachine gun. This update also includes “Wild Skinner,” the Mayhem faction’s protagonist from the just-released Survivor Pass Vol. 21. The character skin for Wild Skinner is free to unlock once all pass levels have been reached.

Krafton Summer Bonanza: All We Know

The Weekly League

Players can wrestle with one another in the fierce competition known as The Weekly League. Players with a tier score of 2,000 points (Gold V) or higher are invited to this weekly duel.

While the battle royale maps “Akinta” and “Lagna” are included in the Saturday battleship, “Troi” and “Erangel” are added on Sunday. This league has restrictions, such as third-player squad mode, and offers a double tier payout. With a specific Blue Zone, players can also earn extra rewards based on their ranking, such as honor coins, chicken medals, Battle Points (BP), etc.

New Krafton Summer Bonanza Festival

After finishing both cumulative and daily assignments, players can earn bingo tokens. Players can also exchange thrilling prizes like outfits, gun skins, and BP as they acquire bingo tokens.

Second customization to the “UMP45” submachine gun: the laser grip

This customization provides a non-replaceable specialized grip in addition to immersive visual effects. Additionally, the vertical recoil control has been improved, leading to better precision when aiming and firing. The grip slot is still inoperable, and the aiming speed has somewhat decreased.

Bounty Royale’s second season will feature new weapons

A potent “Grenade Launcher” and a “Golden Flare Gun” that can levy special care gifts are featured in Bounty Royale’s second season. The “Red Zone Launcher”‘s damage has been minimized in the “Kaboom” mode. Additionally, there are now terrains that are impervious to attack and can be blasted with a single grenade.

Reset Your Tiers for More Rewards

Players are welcomed with enticing gifts and a review of their previous season’s performance as Battle Royale Season 10 starts. The final rating from the previous season is the basis for the tier reset. In-game mail is used to distribute rewards, and the Bounty Royale tier also has reset.

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