Indian Esports Team’s Quest for Glory: Asian Games 2022 Schedule and Prospects

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The scene is set, and India is prepared to make a name for itself at the renowned Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, in the exciting world of esports. The Indian esports community is prepared to demonstrate their skill on a global platform as the country’s esports industry continues to thrive. They hope to win medals that will boost esports’ standing in the nation by competing in four titles.

The Indian Esports Lineup

India will compete in four of the seven esports games that will be presented at the Asian Games 2022. The other games, sadly, are either prohibited or unavailable in the nation for a variety of causes, including non-release. However, the Indian esports scene is keen to take advantage of this chance.

The following games will feature the Indian esports team:

FIFA Online 4 Street Fighter 5
Dota 2 League of Legends
Even though these games are extremely well-liked all over the world, they also offer Indian gamers a difficult platform on which to demonstrate their skill.

Roster and Schedules

FIFA Online 4

The Indian team in FIFA Online 4 is scheduled to begin their campaign on September 24 with the start of the group stages, with Charanjot Singh and Karman Singh Tikka serving as their representatives. After the group round, the playoffs will choose the winners, with the Grand Finals taking place on September 27. This title’s specific match schedule has not yet been revealed.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

India’s Street Fighter 5 representatives will be Mayank Prajapati and Ayan Biswas. If there are more than 32 competitors, the preliminary round of this event will start on September 26. The playoffs will then proceed, culminating in the September 28 Grand Finals. The specific match schedule is still not available, same like in FIFA Online 4.

Indian Esports
At the 2022 Asian Games, every esports competition

Dota 2

Darshan Bata is the captain of the Dota 2 squad, which also includes Krish Gupta, Abhishek Yadav, Ketan Goyal, and Shubham Goli. Their voyage begins on September 29 with the Group Stages, continues through the Playoffs, and ends on October 2 with the Grand Finals. The Dota 2 match schedule is still pending confirmation, just like the other games.

League of Legends

Akshaj Shenoy, the captain, Samarth Arvind Trivedi, Mihir Ranjan, Aditya Selvaraj, Aakash Shandilya, and Sanindhya Malik will represent India in League of Legends. On September 29, the group phases will also begin, and they will then go out on their mission. Then, the playoffs will decide who will win in the end, leading to the Grand Finals on October 2. The specific match schedule has not yet been revealed, same like with the other titles.

The Road Ahead

The Indian esports community excitedly anticipates the performances of their favourite players when the Asian Games 2022 take place. The pressure is on because medals are on the line, but the Indian esports contingent’s passion and tenacity are unshakeable. Even though the matches haven’t started yet, the excitement is real.

As new information on the competition becomes available, this article will be continuously updated. Follow along for real-time information, outcomes, and analysis on the Indian esports team’s experience at the Asian Games 2022. The country is supporting its esports champions in the hopes that they would put on a winning performance of talent, cunning, and sportsmanship on the big stage.

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