How to make Compass in Minecraft

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Minecraft is an amazing game that allows players to explore, build, and craft things in a unique virtual world. With the right knowledge, it’s possible to craft tools and items that help with exploration. One of the most useful features of the game is the ability to make a compass. A compass in Minecraft can help you navigate your way around and find things like chests and mining sites. Making a compass requires basic knowledge of how to craft items, but it’s quite simple once you understand the basics.

Crafting Materials Needed

Iron ore is one of the crafting materials needed to make a compass in Minecraft. Iron ore can be found on most levels and depths, but is most commonly found near lava pools. It can also be mined from village blacksmiths, stronghold chests, and strongholds’ libraries. Once you have four pieces of iron ore, they must be crafted into an iron ingot. This is done by smelting the ore with fuel like wood or coal in a furnace.
The next step is to craft the Compass with four iron ingots arranged in a square shape in a crafting table. This will create one Compass, which will point toward your spawn point when right-clicked on the ground or held in your hand. Lastly, you’ll need some Redstone dust to power the Compass; this item can be found deep underground or obtained by mining redstone ore blocks.

Steps to make Compass in Minecraft

Creating a compass in Minecraft is a relatively simple process. First, players will need to collect four iron ingots and one redstone dust, which can be found by mining in the world or smelting iron ore in a furnace. Here is the simple step that you should follow to make Compass in Minecraft.

  1. Gather four iron ingots and one piece of Redstone dust.
  2. Open the crafting menu and place the four iron ingots in a square shape and the Redstone dust in the center.
  3. Move the Compass to your inventory.
  4. Hold the Compass to point to the world spawn point.
  5. Use the Compass to create maps by combining them with paper on a crafting table.
compass minecraft


In conclusion, making a compass in Minecraft is a simple yet rewarding process. Players should always remember to place their compasses on the ground before crafting them into maps if they plan to use those maps later. Additionally, players should carry multiple compasses when exploring new areas, since it can be difficult to find the same location twice without one. Finally, by following the simple steps outlined above, players will have no problem creating their own trusty Compass and using it to explore the world of Minecraft.


What are the benefits of using a compass?

A compass is a helpful tool for navigating Minecraft. It helps you find your way back to the point from which you started and track points of interest and locations you have visited. It can help identify nearby settlements such as villages and monuments, allowing players to explore new areas without getting lost quickly. Compasses can simplify long-distance travel since they provide an easy way of tracking how far away someone is from their destination.

How to use Compass in Minecraft?

To use a Compass once it has been made, equip it from your inventory bar and select it with the left mouse button (or press ‘Q’ on PC). The needle of the Compass will always point toward where you first spawned into that world; this is known as “bedrock” and is usually located at either 0/0 or 8/8 coordinates (depending on world type). If you have strayed far away from this location, follow the direction of your compass needle until you arrive back at bedrock!

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