High on Life: The Next Big Thing on PlayStation!

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The most recent video game from Squanch Games, High on Life, which features Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty, as a voice actor, might be arriving on PlayStation platforms shortly.

The game was spotted on the Orbis Patches website, which keeps track of behind-the-scenes Ps updates for various titles on or coming to the platform, providing information on this probable PlayStation port.

Neither PS nor Squanch Games have made any announcements about the game’s arrival on PlayStation consoles as of yet, but given that it has been several months since the Xbox console and PC versions of the game first went on sale, the exclusivity period may be about to end.

High on Life

High on Life was originally made available on Xbox and PC in December 2022, as Knoebel noted. We’re in the middle of an exclusivity phase, which typically lasts either six months or a year, so it’s impossible to predict when, if ever, the game will be released on PlayStation platforms.

After the game’s release, it received sub-70 Metacritic scores from critics who occasionally criticized the comedy in the game for both the Xbox and PC versions. Since Roiland frequently uses the same voice in his many works, this may grow a little boring for some people after playing the game for a time. However, it did a little bit higher with players, who gave the game somewhat higher user ratings.

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