Global Esports Temporarily Shuts Down BGMI Operations Amidst Reputation Concerns 2023

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In a surprising turn of events, Global Esports, one of India’s leading organisations, disbanded their complete BGMI operations for the meantime, which included GE’s Main Lineup, Team Mayavi and GE Pheneix. This conclusion has had a significant impact on the Indian Gaming Community, as recently one of the branch lineups, GE Phenix was accused of using hacks and cheats in the game. 

The Best Performing BGMI Team Of Global Esport

Amongst the three, Team Mayavi was the most prominent team in India, but due to constant backlash and allegations from the community they had to make this forcible decision. Though there were quite many suspicious and strong proofs against the team, yet there was no official statement from Krafton, which confirmed the assertions. Also, their team was nowhere to be found in the disqualified list of teams provided by Krafton. 

Shubham “Mayavi” Chawla, one of the most well-known casters and the owner of Team Mayavi gave his opinion, stating “It’s impossible to defend being a part of Global Esports. GE doesn’t want to continue, but that does not mean they are hackers or scammers. The narrative set will be answered, but yeah, with a brand tag, it’s not doable. The reason GE doesn’t want to continue is simple: the brand is getting negative PR.”

Global Esport
Credits : snehil op on youtube

Global Esports is facing a lot of backlash lately, and with this, it’s difficult to maintain the reputation of the organisation. With unhealthy relations with the audience and multiple proofs, it’s difficult for GE to defend itself which leads to failing to attract sponsors and investors, hence putting the organisation’s name at stake.  

With Mavi leading Global Esport’s main lineup, they still stumbled over the points table in almost every tournament. From constant bad performances from the main lineup and GE Pheneix, the owner of Global Esports  Dr Rushindra Sinha along with the stakeholders collectively took the decision to discontinue their BGMI operations. 

The fans of Global Esports are stunned and amazed by the decision, as the news wasn’t expected of anyone. However, a majority part of the audience was pleased as GE failed to defend their pride. As the Indian Gaming Community grows, organisations like Global Esports showcased a wise decision by prioritising the honour and prestige of the team. 

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