Gladiators Esports Dominates Nodwin x Rooter BGMI Champions Cup 2023, Crowned Champions

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Gladiators Esports has emerged victorious in the highly anticipated Nodwin x Rooter BGMI Champion’s Cup 2023, showcasing their unparalleled dominance throughout the intense four-day finale. Led by the exceptional Destro, the Gladiators Esports squad proved their mettle and secured the championship title, along with well-deserved prize money of ₹12,00,000.

Gladiators Esports Dominates Nodwin x Rooter
Gladiators Esports Dominates Nodwin x Rooter BGMI Champions Cup 2023, Crowned Champions

Over the course of 24 thrilling matches, Gladiators Esports amassed a total of 219 points, including an impressive tally of 136 eliminations. Their exceptional teamwork, strategic prowess, and individual skills propelled them to the top of the leaderboard, leaving their opponents in awe.

Revenant Esports, led by the skilled Sensei, showcased their determination and skill, securing the runner-up spot with 194 points. Their remarkable performance earned them a cash prize of ₹6,00,000, reflecting their unwavering commitment to excellence.

Surprising everyone with their outstanding performance, 8Bit Esports secured the third position with 173 points. Their impressive gameplay and tenacity enabled them to surpass expectations and cement their position among the tournament’s top contenders.

Nodwin x Rooter BGMI Champions Cup 2023
Gladiators Esports Dominates Nodwin x Rooter BGMI Champions Cup 2023, Crowned Champions

Blind Esports, with a total of 156 points and one Chicken Dinner to their name, claimed the fourth position, proving their capabilities as a formidable team in the fiercely competitive tournament. Meanwhile, Team Soul, with a nerve-wracking victory in the last game of the event, secured the fifth spot, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats.

DeltaPG, the star player from Gladiators, emerged as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the tournament, amassing a staggering 41 kills. His exceptional performance and pivotal contributions played a crucial role in Gladiators’ resounding success. Additionally, Blind Spower and Soul Goblin showcased their remarkable skills, securing 39 and 38 eliminations, respectively. Apollo from Revenant Esports and AJ from Gujarat Tigers also displayed their prowess with 36 and 35 frags, respectively, further highlighting the exceptional talent present in the tournament.

The intensity of the tournament reached its pinnacle on Day 3 when Revenant Esports, the second-placed team, raised the stakes by clinching the first game with 20 points, surpassing Gladiators Esports, who garnered only eight points. In a surprising turn of events, 8Bit and OR captured nine points each, showcasing their determination to challenge the tournament leaders.

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