Free Fire FFWS Ring Event: How to Get Legendary Bundles

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The popular battle royale game Free Fire launches the thrilling FFWS Ring event, which offers players a variety of high-end collectibles. This most recent Luck Royale includes the highly sought-after Dune Konqueror Bundle, in addition to other valuable items such as the Navy Starsea bundle and more.

Players can participate in this event by spinning diamonds, which will yield a variety of rewards. The event lasts for almost two weeks, giving fans plenty of time to participate and succeed.

FFWS Ring Event Details and Rewards

Launched on November 17th, the FFWS (Free Fire World Series) Ring event will only be available on the Free Fire MAX Indian server. It will run until November 30th. Players have two options for how many spins they want to take: 20 diamonds for a single spin, or 200 diamonds for 11 spins.

  • Rage Konqueror bundle
  • Mauve Konqueror Bundle
  • Drachen fist
  • Idol tokens in varying quantities
  • Dune Konqueror Bundle
  • Galaxy Konqueror Bundle
  • Navy Starsea bundle

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After spins, the most commonly obtained item is usually the ring tokens, which are essential for exchanging desired things. Players can access a variety of items that are exchangeable by navigating to the ‘trade‘ icon within the FFWS ring event interface:

  • Dune Konqueror Bundle: 160 tokens
  • Navy Starsea bundle: 100 tokens
  • Galaxy Konqueror Bundle: 100 tokens
  • FFWS Iceblue avatar/banner
  • Name change card, Room card
  • Magic cube fragments, Weapon loot crates
  • Drachen fist: 200 tokens
  • Rage Konqueror Bundle: 160 tokens
  • Mauve Konqueror Bundle: 160 tokens

Getting into the FFWS Ring Event and Earning Prizes

  1. Press Start on Free Fire MAX, then find the “Luck Royale” icon on the left.
  2. From the options shown, pick the alluring FFWS Ring event.
  3. Start spins with diamonds and use the universal tokens to your advantage to get the things you want.

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