FFWS 2023 Grand Finals – MAGIC SQUAD Clinches Victory

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The Free Fire World Series FFWS 2023 Grand Finals, which showcased the talent of esports, came to an exciting conclusion today in Bangkok, Thailand. This historic event, organized by a top esports organizer, featured an incredible $1,000,000 USD prize pool that attracted attention from all over the world.

MAGIC SQUAD Secures The Trophy

Twelve top teams competed in the FFWS 2023 Bangkok Grand Finals, which got underway on November 10th. Eight of those were directly invited, and the other four teams had to advance through the play-in round. The complete rankings are as follows:


  • MAGIC SQUAD – 112 points
  • CGGG – 89 points
  • RRQ KAZU – 72 Points
  • WAG – 78 points
  • EXP ESPORTS – 68 points
  • LOUD – 66 points
  • POCO STAR – 64 Points
  • THORRAD – 44 points
  • EXPAND – 28 points
  • GOD OF WOLF – 25 points
  • P ESPORTS – 14 Points

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FFWS 2023 Grand Finals

RRQ Kazu from Indonesia finished the tournament with a top-five placement in every stage, culminating in a fourth rank with 72 points during the finals.

LOUD, a Brazilian squad, had a difficult outing in the finals, finishing seventh with 66 points, in contrast to their high head start point total of 89 points. Buriram United Esports from Thailand finished second with 95 points.

Prize Pool

The FFWS 2023 featured a whopping $1 million in total prize money. Topping the podium, MAGIC SQUAD won the championship and a hefty $300,000. The awards did not stop there:

  • Taking second place, BURIRAM UNITED ESPORTS received a $150,000 prize.
  • CGGG, who placed third, received a commendable $65,000 as payment.

Magic Squad’s dominant win in the FREE FIRE WORLD SERIES 2023 is evidence of its talent and strategy, solidifying its legacy in esports history with other outstanding competitors. Hope you liked FFWS 2023 Grand Finals.

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