DBS Dilemma: How to Outsmart the Shotgun in BGMI

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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is an exhilarating battle royale game that challenges players to survive and outlast their opponents. One weapon that instills fear in the hearts of many players is the DBS (Double-Barrel Shotgun). Its devastating power at close range makes it a force to be reckoned with. In this article, we will explore effective strategies to counter the DBS gun, empowering you to emerge victorious in intense BGMI encounters.

DBS Dilemma How to Outsmart the Shotgun in BGMI
DBS Dilemma: How to Outsmart the Shotgun in BGMI

Maintain Distance:

The key to countering the DBS lies in keeping a safe distance from your opponent. This weapon excels in close-range combat but loses its effectiveness as the distance increases. Engage in mid-range battles whenever possible, utilizing weapons with superior accuracy and range to chip away at your opponent’s health before they can close the gap.

Utilize Cover and Elevation:

To counter the DBS effectively, make the most of the available cover and elevation. Avoid open spaces where the DBS user can rush and overpower you with their shotgun. Instead, position yourself near buildings, trees, or rocks that provide cover and obstruct the opponent’s line of sight. Additionally, occupying higher ground can give you a tactical

Teamwork and Communication:

  1. In squad-based gameplay, effective communication and teamwork are paramount. When encountering a DBS user, immediately inform your teammates of their presence. Work together to devise a strategy that capitalizes on your combined strengths. Surrounding the opponent and coordinating attacks from multiple angles will reduce their advantage and increase your chances of success.

Employ Throwable Items:

Throwable items can be game-changers when countering a DBS gun. Frag grenades, smoke grenades, and stun grenades can disorient your opponent or force them out of cover. By creating chaos and limiting their vision, you gain an opportunity to neutralize their close-range advantage. Use these throwable items strategically, aiming to exploit the DBS user’s weaknesses and disrupt their momentum.

Mobility and Strafing:

When facing a DBS user, maintaining mobility is essential. Avoid becoming a stationary target as the DBS thrives on delivering devastating shots to immobile foes. Constantly strafe and change your position to make it harder for the opponent to accurately aim and fire. Combine this with quick peeking around corners or obstacles to catch them off guard and gain the upper hand.

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