Clash of Titans: Previewing the Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2023

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The global esports community is gearing up for the highly anticipated Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2023, set to take place on August 11th and 12th in Yokohama, Japan. With 31 talented teams from around the world vying for supremacy, this second edition of the championship promises thrilling battles and intense competition. As the tournament draws near, let’s delve into the qualified teams, format, prize pool, schedule, and more.

Pokemon UNITE

Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2023 Qualified Teams:

The 31 teams have emerged victorious from intense regional qualifiers, representing various regions across the globe. The teams are divided into eight groups for the Group Stage:

Group A:

  • Hoenn (Mexico)
  • PERU (Peru)
  • Secret Ship (Japan)
  • Team 3 Stars (South Korea)

Group B:

  • EXO Clan (Australia)
  • Nouns Esports (Europe)
  • Orangutan (Taiwan)
  • Rex Regum Qeon (Indonesia)

Group C:

  • 00 Nation (Brazil)
  • iClen (Australia)
  • Oyasumi Macro (Taiwan)
  • Talibobo Believers (Europe)

Group D:

  • Agjil (South Korea)
  • Amaterasu (North America)
  • Brasil (Brazil)
  • FUSION (Mexico)

Group E:

  • Mjk (Japan)
  • Team Peps (Europe)
  • TeamMYS (Malaysia)
  • TTV (North America)

Group F:

  • OMO Abyssinian (Philippines)
  • STMN Esports (Peru)
  • Team YT (North America)
  • UD Vessuwan (Thailand)

Group G:

  • Luminosity Gaming (North America)
  • S8UL Esports (India)
  • Team Tamerin (Japan)
  • TimeToShine (Europe)

Group H:

  • Entity7 (Mexico)
  • FS Esports (India)
  • Kumu (Philippines)


The tournament will comprise two phases: the Group Stage and the Playoffs. During the Group Stage, the 31 teams will be divided into eight groups, competing in a round-robin format. The top-performing team from each group will advance to the Double-Elimination Playoffs.

Prize Pool:

The stakes are high, with a substantial prize pool of $500,000 up for grabs. The winning team will take home the lion’s share of $100,000, while the second and third-place finishers will claim $75,000 and $65,000, respectively.

Previous Champions and Contenders:

In the previous edition, Team BLVKHVND from North America clinched the championship title. Although the lineup disbanded soon after the victory, Luminosity Gaming, a prominent Canadian organization, assembled the team and is set to defend their title. Europe’s Noun Esports, the runner-up of the inaugural season, is also looking to make a statement in the championship.

Orangutan, with their recent acquisition of Team Hi5’s winning lineup from the Asia Champions League 2023, is another team to watch out for. Secret Ship’s impressive performance in the Japan qualifier has solidified their status as a formidable contender.

Representing India, S8UL Esports and FS Esports are determined to showcase their skills on the global stage after emerging as the top squads in the Pokemon UNITE Championship Series India.


The Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2023 will take place over two action-packed days, starting from August 11th to August 12th. Esports enthusiasts worldwide can catch the live broadcast to witness their favorite teams compete for glory.

As the countdown to the Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2023 begins, the anticipation and excitement among fans, players, and organizers are palpable. The global stage is set for an esports spectacle like no other, where the best teams from around the world will clash, aiming to etch their names in Pokemon UNITE history. Mark your calendars for the eventful days ahead!

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