BGIS 2023 Round 4: The Epic Showdown Continues on Day 4 – Teams, Maps, and Where to Tune In

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As the BGIS 2023 Round 4 enters its final day, esports enthusiasts around the world are gearing up for another thrilling day of intense competition. Day 4 promises to be a rollercoaster ride with six action-packed matches on the schedule. Groups C and D will engage in their remaining matches today, vying for the coveted top-four positions that grant a direct ticket to the BGIS Semifinals. The rest will battle it out in the Losers Bracket for a chance at redemption. The excitement kicks off at 1:00 pm, and fans can catch all the action on Jio Cinema and Krafton India Esports’ official YouTube channel.

Day 4 Participants of BGIS 2023 Round 4

Group C:

  1. Gods Reign
  2. Marcos Gaming
  3. 4 Aggressive Man
  4. Brave Esports
  5. Revenant Esports
  6. Numen Gaming
  7. Midwave Esports
  8. Big Brother Esports
  9. ORB Esports
  10. Kerala Esports
  11. Silly Esports
  12. Nest Esports
  13. Great Esports
  14. 7Habit
  15. Team Systumm
  16. Burnx Official

Group D:

  1. ACID Esports
  2. Team Insane
  3. Team Mayavi
  4. HUB Esports
  5. Lucknow Giants
  6. Dragon Esports
  7. Growing Strong
  8. OR Esports
  9. 1M Official
  10. Titan FTW
  11. Medal Esports
  12. Team E4L
  13. X7 Wolves
  14. Team Cruz
  15. Five Filter Esports
  16. LOC Esports

Day 4 Schedule of BGIS 2023 Round 4

Here’s the map rotation for the final day of BGIS Round 4:

  • Match 1: Erangel – Group D (1:27 pm)
  • Match 2: Miramar – Group D (2:15 pm)
  • Match 3: Sanhok – Group D (3 pm)
  • Match 4: Vikendi – Group C (3:45 pm)
  • Match 5: Miramar – Group C (4:32 pm)
  • Match 6: Erangel – Group C (5:16 pm)

Day 3 Overview of BGIS 2023 Round 4

On Day 3, Group C’s 16 teams engaged in enthralling battles. The battle was so intense that there were only seven points separating first place and eighth place teams. With 33 points, Marcos Gaming took the top spot, just ahead of 7Habit’s 32 points. Gods Reign took third place with 31 points, riding the wave of a tremendous Round 3. 4Aggressive, Brave, and Big Brother were tied at 27 points after three games. Sensei’s guidance helped Revenant secure 26 points, keeping the competition close. Kerala Esports had a difficult start with only eight points, but Numen Gaming staged an incredible comeback in the third match to secure the ninth spot with 22 points.

In Group D of BGIS Round 4, Growing Strong emerged as the dominant force, securing the first seat with an impressive 53 points after delivering consistent performances on Day 3. Team Insane claimed the second position with 38 points, while ACID Esports grabbed 36 points, with a significant 30 coming from the second game. OR Esports occupied the fourth spot with 36 points, closely followed by Dragon Esports. Five Filter Esports and Lucknow Giants landed in the sixth and seventh positions, tallying 32 and 31 points, respectively. Team Mayavi rounded off the top eight with 19 points.

Day 3 standings

BGIS 2023 Round 4 continues to enthral esports fans with its tough competitiveness and nail-biting encounters, setting the stage for an epic finish on the final day. Watch the action live as teams compete for supremacy and their chance at glory in the next BGIS Semifinals at 1:00 pm on Jio Cinema and Krafton India Esports’ official YouTube channel.

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