Battle Royale of Excellence: Esports Mobile Player of the Year Nominees Announced for Esports Awards 2023

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September 20, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada The nominees for the prestigious Esports Mobile Player of the Year award at the 2023 Esports Awards have been announced, and the esports community is agog with anticipation. The competition is expected to be fierce because there are seven outstanding gamers participating from a variety of mobile gaming apps. Prior to the big celebration slated for November 30, 2023, in the exciting city of Las Vegas, esports fans may now vote for their favourite player on the official Esports Awards website.

The Esports Awards 2023 have already generated a lot of curiosity since July 26, when the first 15 category candidates, including the Esports Mobile Game of the Year, were announced. There are a total of 31 categories up for contest this year.

Meet the Nominees Of Esports Awards

The following remarkable athletes will compete for the Esports Mobile Player of the Year honour at the 2023 Esports Awards:

(Clash Royale) Mohamed “Mohamed Light” Tarex Mohamed Light, a well-known Egyptian gamer, is in the news for his outstanding results in Clash Royale competitions. His greatest accomplishment was winning the Clash Royale League 2022 World Finals trophy. Interestingly, this is his third nomination in a row in this category, highlighting his impressive consistency.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang’s Frederic ‘Bennyqt’ Gonzales: Bennyqt, who is Filipino, competes professionally for ECHO in the MLBB circuit. He contributed significantly to his team’s triumph in the M4 World Championship, enhancing his standing as one of the most prominent members of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang community.

Gaku ‘Gaku’ Mukai (Clash of Clans): Gaku presently plays for Natus Vincere and is a well-known Clash of Clans player. One of the high points of the 24-year-old’s impressive esports career was his participation in QW Stephanie’s victory over the 2022 global championship.

Erik ‘Joker’ Granström (Brawl Stars): Joker, who is a member of the squad Reply Totem right now, led his group to victory in the Snapdragon Mobile Masters Brawl Stars competition. He demonstrated his skill on the arena by winning the coveted MVP award thanks to his stellar efforts.

Esports Awards were presented. Nominees for the Esports Mobile Player of the Year

Tensai (Brawl Stars): Having achieved a number of accomplishments over the last four years, Tensai requires no introduction on the Brawl Stars circuit. The 22-year-old, who previously made a substantial contribution to the Zeta Division’s two victories in a row at the World Finals, currently wears the Crazy Raccoon jersey.

(Honour of Kings) Peng ‘Fly’ Yunfei Peng ‘Fly’ Yunfei, a renowned professional player in the Honour of Kings esports arena, is a native of China. He has continuously won MVP awards over the past seven years, establishing his position as the game’s undisputed leader.

The inclusion of these seven nominees, who stand at the top of the mobile esports talent pyramid, in this category is evidence of their exceptional talent and devotion to their individual games.

The Road Ahead

Fans, competitors, and business experts will all be closely monitoring the competition as the esports world excitedly anticipates the Esports Awards presentation on November 30, 2023, in Las Vegas. The competition for the title of Esports Mobile Player of the Year promises to be one for the ages because everyone of these nominees has distinguished themselves with outstanding abilities and accomplishments in their chosen mobile games.

Vote for your preferred nomination on the official Esports Awards website to express your opinion. The finest and brightest in the esports industry will be recognised, and everything will come together for a celebratory night in the glitzy city of Las Vegas. Follow updates and get ready for the Esports Awards, where the 2023 Esports Mobile Player of the Year will be announced.

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