4 Best Shotguns in Call of Duty Mobile – Dominating Call of Duty Mobile

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Look, you want to dominate matches in Call of Duty Mobile, you need a killer shotgun in your loadout. Running and gunning is the name of the game, and a trusty shotgun will let you blast your way through close quarters combat.

Forget assault rifles, snipers, or LMGs – a shotgun is the only weapon you need to rack up kills and carry your team to victory.We tested all the shotguns in Call of Duty Mobile and found the top 4 that will give you the edge over your opponents.

Whether you prefer pump-action, semi-auto, or fully automatic, we’ve got a shotgun for you. Read on to find your new secret weapon and become the most feared player in every match. With any of these shotguns in your hands, you’ll be unstoppable.

Shotguns in Call of Duty Mobile

So you want to up your shotgun game in Call of Duty Mobile? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s an intro to the shotguns available and how to choose the right one for you.

The BY15 is a solid starter shotgun with decent range and an 8-round magazine. It’s balanced and forgiving, perfect for beginners. The HS2126 has more power but less accuracy, while the HS0405 hits hard at close quarters with its 5-round mag.

For mid-range, the KRM-262 packs a punch with 6 rounds and the Striker is fast-firing with 12 rounds. The Echo is fully automatic with 16 rounds but tricky to control. Any of these can dominate in tight maps.

If you prefer longer ranges, the R9-0 is your best bet with 2 rounds of slugs and the ability to mount scopes. The JAK-12 has the best range of all shotguns with 20 rounds, but a slow reload time.


Attachments can customize your shotgun to suit your playstyle. For mobility, add a laser sight, fast mag or light barrel. If you want power up close, try the choke, marauder suppressor or sawed-off barrel. For range, add a scope, rifled barrel or monolithic suppressor. Mix and match to find what works for you!

With the right shotgun and attachments, you’ll be one-shotting enemies in no time. Now get out there and show them what you’re made of! What’s your favorite shotgun for dominating Call of Duty Mobile? Let us know in the comments!

BY15 – The Top Shotgun for Close Quarters Combat

BY15 - The Top Shotgun for Close Quarters Combat - Call of Duty Mobile

The BY15 is a pump-action shotgun that dominates in close quarters. This bad boy is your go-to for small maps with lots of tight spaces like Killhouse or Hijacked.


packing a punch at close range. What it lacks in range it makes up for in power. One or two shots are usually enough to take down an enemy at point blank.

Fast fire rate

With a fast pump-action, you can get off multiple shots quickly. Pair that with its 8 round magazine and you’ve got a recipe for some serious damage in a short amount of time.


While not the lightest shotgun, the BY15 still allows for decent mobility. You’ll have no problem sliding, jumping or strafing around corners to get the drop on enemies. The key is to keep moving to avoid getting picked off at a distance.


There are several attachments that can make the BY15 even deadlier like extended mags, laser sights for hip fire, and sleight of hand for faster reloads. With the right loadout, the BY15 becomes a force to be reckoned with in close quarters combat.

If dominating in tight spaces and fast-paced action is your style, the BY15 shotgun should definitely be part of your loadout. Pair it with a longer-range primary like an assault rifle or SMG and you’ll be set to win those intense close quarters gunfights.

KRM 262 – A Powerful Semi-Auto Shotgun

KRM 262 - A Powerful Semi-Auto Shotgun

The KRM 262 is a powerful semi-automatic shotgun that dominates in close-quarters combat. This 12-gage shotgun packs a punch with every shot, quickly taking down enemies at point-blank range.

High Damage

The KRM 262 deals massive damage per shot, especially if you land headshots or upper body hits. At extremely close range, it can kill in one shot. The wide spread of the shells means you don’t have to be pinpoint accurate to deal damage. Spray and pray with this gun, just make sure you’re aiming center mass.

Fast Fire Rate

For a shotgun, the KRM 262 has a quick fire rate. You can get off two shots in rapid succession, quickly eliminating opponents before they have a chance to react. The fast pumping action will have you shooting again in no time. Practice quickly aiming and firing for the fastest takedowns.

Great Mobility

This lightweight shotgun allows for quick movement and mobility. You can sprint, slide, and jump while firing without slowing down too much. Use the mobility to rapidly change positions, evade fire, and flank opponents. The faster you move, the harder you are to hit. Stay on the move with this shotgun.

The KRM 262 dominates in close quarters, but you have to play aggressively to take advantage of its strengths. This shotgun rewards an up-close and personal playstyle. Move quickly, deal high damage, and eliminate enemies before they see you coming. If you want to run and gun, this is the perfect shotgun to choose. Play to its strengths, and you’ll be getting quad feeds in no time.

HS0405 – Great for Running and Gunning

HS0405 - Great for Running and Gunning

The HS0405 is a pump-action shotgun that excels at close-quarters combat. With its fast fire rate and decent damage, this is a great choice if you like to play aggressively and get up in your opponents’ faces.

Tight Hip Fire Spread

The HS0405 has a very tight bullet spread when firing from the hip, making it ideal for close-range encounters where aiming down sights takes too long. You can quickly pump out shots at enemies just a few meters away without missing. This allows you to swiftly clear rooms and objectives where enemies pop up suddenly at point blank range.

Fast Fire Rate

For a pump-action shotgun, the HS0405 can fire rounds at a brisk pace. If your trigger finger is fast enough, you can get off 3-4 shots in just a couple of seconds. The fast fire rate, combined with the tight hip fire spread and decent damage, gives this gun a high damage per second (DPS) making it a great choice for frantic, chaotic firefights.

Works Well With “Speed Up After Kill” Perk

If you equip the “Speed Up After Kill” perk, the HS0405 becomes a real powerhouse. Getting a kill will briefly increase your movement and fire rate, allowing you to quickly chain kills together.

The tight hip fire spread and fast fire rate of this shotgun pair extremely well with the speed boost from this perk. You’ll be zooming around and blasting enemies before they even know what hit them.

The HS0405 shotgun is a beast at close quarters and ideal for an aggressive, run-and-gun playstyle. If dominating enemies at point blank range is your goal, this may be the best shotgun for you in Call of Duty Mobile. Give the HS0405 a try and experience the thrill of high-speed shotgun carnage.

HS2126 – Excellent Mid-Range Shotgun

HS2126 - Excellent Mid-Range Shotgun

The HS2126 is a great mid-range shotgun that dominates in close to mid-range encounters. This fully automatic 12 gage shotgun holds 8 shells and can wipe out enemies before they even get a shot off.

Rapid Fire

With a fast fire rate, the HS2126 rains down shells at a speedy pace. Spray and pray is a viable tactic with this gun. Its rapid fire, combined with a 8 shell magazine, allows you to clear rooms and control chokepoints with ease.

Decent Range

While not the longest range, the HS2126 can still reach out and touch enemies from a distance. In a pinch, you can get kills from 15-20 meters. For the best results, aim slightly above your target at longer ranges to account for the drop in the shot. At closer ranges though, just point and shoot – the wide spread of the shells means you really can’t miss.

Great for Small Maps

The HS2126 dominates on small to mid-sized maps, like Nuketown Russia or Hijacked. Its fast rate of fire and solid range make it ideal for the tight corners and close quarters of these maps. The wide spread of the shells means you only have to get close to your target to get hits. Beware of its slow reload though, find cover when reloading on small maps.

Overall, the HS2126 is an excellent mid-range shotgun that dominates in close quarters combat. With practice, you’ll be clearing rooms and controlling chokepoints in no time. For a fast-paced, run and gun style of play, the HS2126 should definitely be in your loadout.

Tips for using shotguns effectively?

  • Use gung-ho perk to fire while sprinting for a speed advantage.
  • Aim for upper chest and headshots for maximum damage.
  • Use laser sight for tighter hip fire spread.
  • Carry a pistol as backup for longer ranges.
  • Flank the enemy whenever possible for ambush opportunities.
  • Consider using shotgun plus melee combo for deadly up-close encounters.

Following these tips and choosing the right shotgun for your playstyle can make you a force to be reckoned with in objective modes and close-quarters combat. Now get out there and dominate!


Do shotguns have a place in ranked multiplayer matches?

Absolutely. While shotguns are best suited for close quarters, they can be highly effective on some ranked maps, especially for controlling objectives. The BY15 and HS0405 are great for clearing out defenders or ambushing attackers in objective modes.

What’s the difference between the pump-action and double-barrel shotguns?

Double-barrel shotguns like the HS0405 fire two shots in quick succession before reloading, making them ideal for taking out multiple targets at once. Pump-action shotguns like the BY15 require pumping after each shot but typically have faster reload times and higher damage per shot. Both can be highly effective, so it comes down to personal preference.

Which shotgun has the best range?

The HS0405 double-barrel shotgun has the best effective range of the shotguns, with the ability to one-shot enemies from up to 9 meters away. The BY15 pump-action shotgun isn’t far behind at around 8 meters. The HS2126 and Striker are very short-range, maxing out at around 5-6 meters, so you’ll need to get up close and personal with those.


So there you have it, the best shotguns to absolutely dominate in Call of Duty Mobile. Any of these bad boys will have you racking up kills and topping the leaderboards in no time.

What are you waiting for? Load up Call of Duty Mobile, equip one of these shotties, and get out there and cause some chaos. Your enemies won’t know what hit them until it’s too late.

And when the victory screen pops up at the end of the match, you’ll know you made the right choice going with one of these devastating shotguns. Now get out there, soldier, and make us proud! The battlefield awaits.

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