2.2 Patch Notes PUBG/BGMI (2.2.0 Update Patch Notes)

2.2 Patch Notes PUBG Mobile: If you are interested in the Cycle3 Season8 update, then this article is for you. Here we will be talking about all the latest updates of Cycle3 Season8 releasing on September 14, 2022.

The new update from PUBG MOBILE will be published from September 13th at 11:00 (UTC +0). To ensure a fast and smooth download, we invite you to download the new version in a suitable network environment and to check beforehand that there is enough space on your device

Update Bonus: Update the game September 13-20 (UTC+0) to get 3000BP, 100 AG and the Magical Night Helmet (3 days).

Key changes

New Map – Nusa

    New 1×1 km map scenic and plentiful with supplies. Enjoy fast and interesting matches

      Erangel updates: Newly added climate system and bicycle platforms, as well as structural updates implemented in multiple regions, which provide a better fighting experience

New Mode – Armed Front: A new mode with 8 skills to choose from for the first time on September 29th! Plus, explore a medieval themed area

New Map – Nusa

1×1 km map for fast-paced matches 

Availability period 

 9/15 at 2:00 (UTC+0) 

It can be played in both ranked and unranked match modes 

Noosa is a new 1 x 1 km island tourism map located in the tropics. With abundant supplies, players can start fighting right after you land and get that chicken dinner easily 

The map of Noosa is packed with beautiful landscapes and interesting gameplay for you to experience. This will become your favorite hot spot to show off in front of your friends. It is well worth exploring 

Unlock new mechanisms, weapons and vehicles 

 New Mechanism: Special Summon 

If you are defeated within the first four minutes of a match but your teammates are still holding on, you will be able to come back to life once and quickly jump back to the battlefield with a random weapon. (Super summon activates automatically when playing solo, no teammates required) 

New mechanism: free sliding rope 

Several free-slide ropes are built in specific areas of Noosa. Just get close to the free zip to use it and move around at a higher speed 

Note that the free slip rope is fragile and easily destroyed! So use it at your own discretion. The new tactical bow can be used to repair free slip slings. So, make sure to carry one for your peace of mind 

New mechanism: elevator 

An elevator has been installed in the Telbak City Hotel . Use it to move between floors. It helps you save energy and can also be used to tactically get around enemies with your teammates 

New Weapon: Tactical Bow 

A tactical bow can throw a rope to repair a free-slide, or use fire arrows to set some buildings on fire. 

New Weapon: NS2000 . Rifle 

A weapon that shoots accurately at medium and short range. Fires 12-caliber rounds when firing from the waist, and 12-caliber rounds when aiming with binoculars 

New Vehicle: Quad Vehicle 

A light and fast two-seater vehicle, it can be used to move quickly across undulating terrain, moves with excellent stability and does not tip over easily. 

Perfect for a sightseeing ride around Noosa with a friend while moving across treacherous terrain at speed 


Important Updates – Erangel 

Map and building updates that will improve your battle experiences 

Availability period: Released with version 2.2 

It can be played in both ranked and unranked match modes 

New structure: bicycle platform 

Bicycle platforms have been added at the edges of the map. Mountain bikes will appear here. Players who prefer to arm themselves should not miss the opportunity to travel across the map with two-wheeled vehicles 


Hospital and Melta Power updates 

The hospital and Melta Power architecture have been upgraded to simplify combat and search for supplies 

In the update of Ferry Pier, two new ports will be added to the southwest of the farm and south of the Sosnovka military base 

Port layouts and resource quantities have been improved to add more open spaces for players to gear up 

New weather: rainbow 

A new weather effect has been added to Erangel to make the environment more pleasing to look at, and provide you with a suitable battlefield 

New Mechanism: Discount Store 

The discount store appears in Erangel from time to time. Don’t miss it 

New system: gas station 

You will not run out of fuel after today! Vehicles will now be refueled at gas stations in Erangel. You no longer have to worry about running out of fuel and abandoning your vehicle. Everything has a price, of course. So make sure you have a way to pay for it 

New system: Targeted supply crates 

The chests inside buildings in Erangel have been updated to reflect 3 different types: medical supplies, token supplies, and military supplies. The supplies inside these chests are better than what players can find on the ground 

Theme Mode – Armed Front 

8 skills await you in the new Armed Frontier mode 

Supported map: Nusa (sorted), Erangel (sorted), Livik (sorted) 

Availability: 9/29 at 2:00–11/14 at 23:59 (UTC+0) 

With new skills comes a new style of play, so who will prevail in the end 

  • Next playing area indicator: Tap the skill to display the next playing area location on the mini-map 
  • Aerial Resupply: Press the skill and throw a signal to summon Aerial Resupply 
  • Scan supplies: tap the skill to search for nearby advanced supplies for 15 seconds 
  • Puppet Navigation: tap to jump through the air to summon a puppet to glide, which improves your movement speed 
  • Black Market: Hold and drag to summon a shop within the match to make quick purchases 
  • Trace: Infected enemies are marked with a certain time, during which they can be seen through walls 
  • Lucky Backpack: Converts items in a backpack into other items. It also increases the default load capacity of the backpack 
  • Smoke bomb to recover: Use the skill to throw a special medicine that activates smoke that restores health and energy 

European themed area – exotic city 

Support map: Erangel (ranked) 

Availability: 9/29 at 2:00–11/14 at 23:59 (UTC+0) 

Enter the exotic city to experience the European style medieval city, also enjoy the moon and stars shining in the night sky 

In the city itself, you can find airships in the shape of an Andy doll. Release it and get on board to move to other places quickly 


On October 13th, Halloween will be upon the exotic city!

New Season: Cycle 3 Season 8 

1.      Season Period: 9/20/2022 at 2:00–11/18-2022 at 23:59 (UTC+0) 

2.      New Legendary Bonuses: C3S8 Goggles, C3S8 Set, C3S8 Parachute, C3S8 – SKS, C3S8 Mask, C3S8 Cover 

3.      Subclasses have been added to Superior and above. Every 100 points equals a mini-class, and players can get stars 

4.      Titles have been added to the Master of Excellence and above. The title will be determined by the current season’s data, and will be displayed throughout the match. 

5.      The display of layer badges has been improved, and the badges page has been redesigned 

new c3s8
new c3s8

Safety improvements 

Increased penalties for players who harm teammates. It’s better to stick together during the battle 

 Players who harm teammates and are reported will be banned from playing multiplayer modes. Repeated violations will result in a longer ban 

 Player bans for harming teammates will only be reduced when players are online during matches 

merit points 

 Increased merit point deduction penalty for hurting teammates. Repeated violations will deduct more points 

 In order to provide a better gaming environment, the Merit Score requirement has been increased to 80 in the Arena, Unranked Matches – Classic Mode, Quick Match, Sniper Training, Arcade Mode – War, Payload and other multiplayer modes 

System improvements 

Major Experience Improvements 

l     The logic of interaction with the accounts tab in the settings has been improved, and the degree of security of accounts has been increased 

l     Vehicle crate has been added to all vehicles to make it easier for players to exchange supplies while moving around 

l     Firearms scan feature has been added. During combat, tap on the emoji to scan the current active weapon 

¡     Firearm Check is available on the new version of the following firearms: AKM, M416, SCAR-L, M762, M16A4, SKS, UMP45, Thompson, DP28, VSS 

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