PUBG Mobile introduces two new PVE Enemies – Ripper and Berserker

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Zombie mode is included in the game’s PUBG Mobile 2.8 release. Two new PVE enemies, Ripper and Berserker, were added to PUBG Mobile in the brand-new mode. Let’s learn more about the game’s newest undead.

The PUBG Mobile Zombies Story To undertake studies on the Aerolith, a makeshift lab was built around it. The Aerolith, however, poisoned the area and rendered it uninhabitable.

All that’s left are supplies and freaks. To instantly receive a Respawn Card, enter the lab. Within the walls of the facility is a big, dangerous beast.

Let’s talk more about new PVE Enemies below.

PUBG Mobile introduces two new PVE Enemies

PUBG Mobile introduces two new PVE Enemies

The new update of PUBG Mobile has added two new PvE enemies.


Tall and powerful Berserkers can be spotted walking alone within the infection zone. They have a strong right arm that can switch between a blade and tough armor. They can make wide-ranging cutting attacks with their blade form, and charging strikes with their armored form.

You must carefully locate and strike their armor’s weak spot to inflict a protracted stun.

Whichever assault is used, both are potentially fatal to players. Players must use caution and make effective use of their numerous weaponry when battling them. When defeated, berserkers drop a lot of goods.

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There are also crafty and nimble Rippers hiding out in the infection zone. Although they have a thin build, they are agile opponents with pointed claws who will relentlessly assault gamers.

Prior to launching a counterattack, carefully observe their actions and attack strategies. For better results, target their weak spot on the head. When defeated, rippers also leave behind a lot of resources.

So these were two New PVE Enemies, hope you got to know about them both.

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