PUBG/BGMI 2.6 Beta Patch Notes-Pubg 2.6 Update Release Date

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A short patch note of the PUBG Mobile beta version has been released, in which lots of new items have been added. All the items added in this update are futuristic and look amazing.

The new wallpaper on the welcome screen is the most attractive thing that I have found and will share the complete screenshot of it in this post.


  1. New Backpack feature
  2. New Skill – Jet-Boost Board
  3. World of Wonder Gameplay Updates
  4. New item – Portable Trampoline:

Pubg/Bgmi 2.6 Update Release date

PUBG MOBILE version 2.6 will be released on May 13-15, 2023 5:30 AM.

All-New Themed Gameplay (Available on 2023/4/26)

Dinosaur-Themed Gameplay

New dinosaur-themed area – Dino Settlement: There are 3 Dino Settlements in Erangel that are full of supplies. Some time after the match starts, a large T. Rex that can be ridden with teammates will spawn randomly in a settlement’s Fossil Keep. Destroy the keep’s gate to free the T. Rex!

New region – Primal Zone: There are many smaller themed areas scattered across the Primal Zone, where Pterosaurs and Velociraptors can be found. Once defeated, players can tame and ride them. The Primal Zone also includes mini-games, such as Pterosaur Flying, Velociraptor Vaulting, and Dino Hatchery.

Other Updates

New Full-Auto Mod attachment: Used with the M16A4 and Mk47. Equip it to get a full-auto firing mode.

New Companion Spectating System: Players can transform into their companions and move around to spectate as well as perform companion Emotes.

PUBG Mobile Beta v2.6 Download

PUBG Mobile v1.5
Size715 Mb
Last Updated16 April 2023

2.6 Update Pubg Gameplay Video

That’s all about PUBG/BGMI 2.6 Beta Patch Notes – PUBG 2.6 Update Release Date. In this update, lots of new and exciting things have been added, and I’m sure you will love this update for sure.

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