PUBG Mobile Announces Special Map as part of Dragon Ball Theme

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PUBG Mobile has released a new map featuring an anime theme as part of its collaboration with Dragon Ball Super, one of the most popular anime franchises of all time. On July 13, a new map will be included in the 2.7 update.

On the Dragon Ball-themed map, you will find places like the Martial Arts Temple, Kame House, Aru Village, and others.

This game will allow players to enjoy Summer Island’s beautiful scenery and lively atmosphere, as well as explore and fight in these famous Anime locations.

PUBG Mobile Announces Special Map

Due to the collaboration, new special-themed skills will be made accessible, such as Vegeta’s devastating attack, Final Flash, and Goku’s recognisable energy blast, Kamehameha.

Players will be able to access their innate superhuman abilities and dominate opponents in the game by using these skills.

Along with the new map and talents, the partnership will also offer special friends, weapons, and other items based on Dragon Ball characters like Goku, Frieza, Vegeta, and more.

From July 13 through September 4, players can purchase these items from the in-game store or earn them by taking part in themed events and activities.

PUBG Mobile and anime series have collaborated before. Previously, the game collaborated with Neon Genesis Evangelion, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Arcane from League of Legends to give players some incredible themed content.

PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball Super working together for the first time is expected to thrill players and attract a wide audience.

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