PUBG Mobile Introduces New Original Ghost Sports Car Skin

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Level Infinite has introduced a new skin series called “Original Ghost” in PUBG Mobile. Players can use UC (in-game currency) to draw amazing PUBG Mobile Original Ghost Sports car skins. There are various ways to obtain exclusive items or in-game currency in PUBG Mobile. One method is through the Lucky Draw.

New Original Ghost Sports Car Skin

In PUBG Mobile, a Lucky Draw feature allows users to utilize in-game currency to draw for a chance to win exclusive items.

The Lucky Draw system works similarly to a lottery, allowing users to select from various item tiers, each with varying odds of winning better rewards the higher the tier.

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Access New Original Ghost Sports Car Skin

  1. Navigate to the game’s “Lucky Draw” area.
  2. The Pagani skin drawing and the Original Ghost option can be found by scrolling down.
  3. To buy Lucky Vouchers, use UC, the in-game currency.
  4. To enter to win the PUBG Mobile New Original Ghost Sports car skin, use Lucky Vouchers to draw.

Lucky Draws can be a great way to obtain exclusive items that cannot be obtained through other means, but it is important to note that they are a form of lottery and there is no guarantee that you will win the items you want.

The chances of getting the Ghost skins through Lucky Draws are relatively low, so be prepared to spend a significant amount of UC if you are determined to get them.

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