How To Make Oak Fence Gate In Minecraft?

In the previous tutorial we learned how to make oak fence in Minecraft and in this tutorial we will be learning how to make oak fence gate in Minecraft. If you are making a fence, then there must be a gate to come in and go out of it. So with the easiest tutorial here we are going to make oak fence gate in Minecraft with proper screenshots.

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Required Materials For Oak Fence Gate

  • 4 Sticks
  • 2 Oak Planks

How To Craft Oak Fence In Minecraft

Step 1: Open Crafting Table
Step 2: Arrange Oak Fence Gate Recipe in order

Step 3: Move the Oak Fence Gate in hotbar
Step 4: Use Minecraft Keyboard Shortcut (Right Click) to use the fence gate

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You can craft variety of fence gate with the help of various materials. With different materials you can craft different types of fence gate. If you have any query of facing issue in crafting fence gate then make sure to drop them in the below comments.

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