Free Fire Next Weapon, Incubator & Diamond Royale (February 2023)

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Free Fire knows how to keep their players engaged with new features, that’s why they keep on bringing awesome items in the Luck Royale section that comes every month when you can claim skin, animation, new items, costumes, and many more useful things for a limited period.

But before coming to the Indian server it gets available on other servers and when it is available on the Indian server it comes with some extra prizes which make the game much more interesting. This time, the next upcoming Diamond Royale and Weapon Royale are based on guns.

Free Fire Next Diamond Royale Bundle

In this Diamond Royale, you will be getting a bundle. This outfit looks amazing in a White, Blue, and Black color combination. The feathers in blue color on the shoulder look fantastic and there is a high probability that we might see them in the next diamond royale bundle. But in order to unlock them, make sure you have sufficient diamonds.

Not only this bundle but the other prizes available in Diamond Royale are amazing, and to claim this bundle you are going to receive other prizes because it is luck royale and rewards are drawn on the basis of the spin cost you do in purchasing.

Free Fire Next Incubator

This time in the Incubator section we will be having the skin of the M1014 gun which looks crazy in 4 different colors and specifications. But from all these 4 skins the first one in red color is amazing where you are double fire rate single damage and single minus magazine capacity which is better than all the other incubator weapons on this list.

Free Fire Next Weapon Royale

The next upcoming weapon royale is featuring a very small weapon that is a mini Uzi but looks fantastic in blue color with lightning effects over it. Most probably, you can unlock it with the weapon royale voucher that you can also earn for free in the game. So start to collect as much as you can because many players are already getting this for free.

How To Get Luck Royale Bundle?

  1. Log in to the game
  2. Tap on Luck Royale
  3. Tap on the Bundle you want to grab
  4. If it is available, the item will be added to your account
  5. That’s it

That’s all about the upcoming new free-fire Next Weapon, Incubator & Diamond Royale (2023). If this is useful to you, then make sure to share it with your friends on social media and let them know about the upcoming update.

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